Researchers have found that we spend at least one-third of our lives sleeping. This means that most of us spend at least a third of our lives in our bedrooms. With so much time spent in one’s bedroom, not including relaxation, reading, and watching television, it’s important that one’s bedroom is comfortable.

Unfortunately for many people, their bedrooms aren’t comfortable. In fact, their bedrooms are the most uncomfortable rooms in their homes. That doesn’t have to remain the case, however.

This article will tell you how you can remodel your bedroom and transform it into the best room in your home:

Change Your Mattress

One of the primary reasons that people feel uncomfortable in their bedrooms is poor-quality mattresses. Your mattress has a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. If it’s poorly made, old, or damaged, then it can result in you experiencing back pain, as well as a reduction in the quality of your sleep. Finding the right mattress can be difficult. One of the brands that are developing a positive reputation for itself in the mattress industry currently is Puffy Lux. According to Puffy Lux Mattress reviews, their mattresses are consistently high-quality. It’s always very important to read the reviews of any product you are considering buying, so you can see what other customers have to say.

Invest In a New Bedframe

In addition to purchasing a new mattress, you might also want to invest in a new bedframe. A poorly made, old bedframe can negatively impact your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. The way that our bedroom looks have an influence on the way that we perceive it. If our bedroom has new, clean furniture, we’re more likely to find it relaxing and welcoming. If the furniture is old, badly taken care of, and worn out, we’re more likely to feel agitated and uncomfortable there. The style and type of bed frame that you buy depends upon your own personal taste.

Add Some Lighting

Adding a few lamps to your bedroom is a great idea, especially if you struggle to sleep in the dark as so many people do. One particularly popular trend in bedroom decoration at the moment is the use of floor lights. These are small, LED lights that you can put on the floor around your bedroom. If that isn’t something that you are interested in and you already have lamps, then you could consider installing wall-mounted lights – or even candle holders – to add a gothic flair to your bedroom. If this isn’t to your taste, there are other wall-mounted lights in different styles that you could add.

Paint Your Walls

If your bedroom’s paint is old, chipped, and faded, why not apply some new paint to brighten the place up? Some new paint can work wonders. Not only can a new paint job make your bedroom brighter, but it can also make your bedroom a much more tranquil, relaxing place. It’s hard to relax when your bedroom’s walls are scuffed, damaged, and marked. Not only does it make your bedroom less relaxing, but it also makes your bedroom appear dirty. Dirtiness can make it very hard to relax. Plus, if you’re in the habit of bringing people back to your bedroom, you don’t want them to think that you are a dirty person.

Or Try Out Wallpaper…

If paint isn’t your kind of thing, why not put some wallpaper up? Wallpaper can make your room look very attractive. If you are going to put wallpaper up, instead of going with boring mass-produced wallpaper that you can find in supermarkets and home repair stores, pay for some professionally made, high-quality wallpaper, preferably block printed by hand. While these sorts of wallpaper can be expensive, they also last significantly longer and give your room a very nice vibe.

Create a Seating Area

Some people find that adding a small seating area in the corner of their bedroom makes it a much more relaxing room. It’s not hard to see why. Your own private meditation corner is guaranteed to make your room considerably more tranquil. If you don’t have the money to buy chairs and tables, then you could just put a rug down, some throws, blankets, and some cushions. This kind of aesthetic is called Boho chic and is very popular at the moment. Your room won’t just be comfortable, it’ll also be very trendy!

Hang Some Paintings

Paintings are a great addition to any room, even those going for a minimalist aesthetic. The type of painting that you hang in your room does largely depend on the type of style that you are going for, however. If you want a more rustic style, then you should invest in watercolours and antique portraits. If you are going for a more modern look, then you can pick up prints and posters. You can buy prints and posters in most poster shops, as well as online. eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, and Etsy all sell them.

Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants oxygenate the air in your room and brighten it up. Lots of people find that adding indoor plants to their bedroom makes it much airier, more friendly, and cleaner. The only downside to plants is that they can attract bugs. For this reason, make sure that you regularly clean the area around your plants, keep the window open, and remove any bugs that you see. You should regularly water your plants so that they do not die. Rotting, dead plants aren’t exactly relaxing.

Blackout Curtains

Finally, we arrive at window dressings. The most popular style of window dressing today is the blackout curtain and for good reason. Blackout curtains make your bedroom much more relaxing because you are able to completely eliminate any outside light, throwing your room into total darkness. This is perfect for if you struggle to sleep with lights on, or if you sleep during the daytime. It’s also great for just lying down and relaxing, you don’t have to go to sleep. Blackout curtains are very cheap. If you don’t want them then you can also get blackout blinds.

If your bedroom is looking tired and worn out, then it’s time that you remodel it. There are many ways of remodeling your bedroom. If you’re stuck on ideas, then implement the ideas and suggestions outlined here.