Is the corner of your room looking very dull and empty? Do you want to add a touch of green to your balcony? How about putting some indoor plants, which will not only spruce up the area but also create a green and healthy space. Pots and planters look great in different shapes and sizes and you need to follow a simple routine to look after them so that they do not wilt, decay, and dry. Here are a few tips to take good care of them.

Choosing the Right Pot

First and foremost, you should choose an area of the house where you want to place pots and planters. This is an important and crucial step. The area where you place the pot will determine the size of the pots. You do not want to crowd the area by installing huge pots and neither do you want to use very small pots, because once the indoor plants grow in size, you will again have to change the pot. If there is a lot of wind, then you should avoid choosing lightweight pots as they might tumble.

Arranging Drainage

You need to choose an area where there is drainage, or else when you water the plant, there will be dirt, mud and water all over. Also, there should be sunlight, or else the plants may wilt. A lot of people put two or three different types of plants in one pot, as they don’t want to water several plants separately, but that is not the right approach. Every pot should have a separate plant, and depending on its type it should be watered.

Choosing the Right Place

As stated earlier, you must ensure that you choose the right place for the plant as per its particular light, sun and water needs. Some plants require a lot of water, while some do not. Some plants may wilt if there is no sunlight, while others may not. So, you must ensure that you place your pots and planters in the right place as per their type, so that the plants look beautiful and grow well.

Preparing the Soil

Pots and planters require soil to thrive. Before placing the pot in the right area, you should consult a gardener and put the exact amount and right soil mix so that the plant grows well. Ensure that there are no holes in the pot, or else the soil will come out and make the place very dirty. Wet the soil and keep it for some time, as it will keep the shape of the pot. Then you can place the plant in it and put it in the right place. To ensure that there are no air pockets, you should pat the soil with your fingers.

Watering the Plants

Just placing the pots in your home is not enough. You need to look after them, so that they look lush green and grow well. One of the routine things that you need to do is watering the plants. Some plants may require you to water them daily, while others need water every consecutive day. Some plants may require you to water them even twice a day. You need to be very careful during the summer months and ensure that the pots and planters get ample water or else they may wilt and die. Ensure when you water plants that the excess water goes into the drain. There should not be a pool of water, as this will cause root damage.

Do a little research before putting pots and planters in your house. Choose the perfect and cozy corner for the green patch and you can create a perfect green zone rich in oxygen at home. With every changing season, you need to ensure that you change the soil and water the plants properly so that they look green and grow beautifully well.

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