Unless your architecture and interior décor is some kind of expert, forget about getting a home that looks like it belongs to a movie or fairytale. However, there are some designers and decorators that do not believe in settling for less. They will help in making your house as comfy and cozy as possible. The Old Orchard Project is one example for this. It began when a family bought it first and this 10,00 square foot house and once they lived here for an year, a Makoid was hired to redo the house and make it better and more beautiful for the family.

The original home consisted of a single story combined with a basement, two huge bedrooms and a unexciting glass material and low access to the the garage. Moreover, a cold aluminum skin was initially used which was then replaced with high quality of rich wood. The beautiful wood not only looks captivating but also gives necessary balance to the exterior of the surface.

The interior was initially built with boring grey color; but the expert decorator David Scott using his artistic sense transformed the entire house and made it in a magical place that it is now. The dull lights were replaced with mesmerizing lights and bulbs throughout the house and were decorated by the expert Nathan Orsman.

The kitchen was totally redesigned and transformed into a more resourceful and useful materials to make it a better place to not only cook, but engage in healthy meals and conversations with your family and loved ones.

This is just one example of redecorating a house and making it a Hollywood style place to live. There are so many other examples where competent designers have completely converted and transformed the shape of residences. If you are also looking for tips to hire the best architect and interior decorators to offer you the best place to live, here are some of the things you should consider before hiring one designer. Those include:

Trust Word of Mouth
When hiring a designer, make sure you consult your friends and family before making the final decision. It is very important to ask for recommendations before choosing who can renovate your house. It is very important for the designer to not only understand your design sense but also deliver exactly according to your specific preferences.

Consider Cost and Other Expenses
If you have decided for a home renovation, you should know that there won’t be a single cost by a multitude of expenses and hiring a designer is just one of the many. So make sure you make a budget beforehand and go for only the one that makes sense to your expected cost and budgeting. Do not be extravagant in choosing a designer so you don’t end up with nothing at the end.

Go for someone Experienced
It is extremely necessary to go for someone who is pretty experienced in your field. Depending on the specific kind of design you want for your house, make sure you hire someone who can deliver according to your needs. The experienced designers won’t disappoint with their work and it is better to choose someone after going through their entire portfolio.
If you are considering renovating and redecorating your house, these are some of the many suggestions which you can follow to ensure that you receive nothing less than the best. Moreover, you can also begin choosing the right materials, colors, furniture and fixture for your house beforehand. It is very important to choose wisely and do not let your impulses take the very best of you. There is a huge number of emerging designers who can provide you exactly according to your needs. In Dubai, there is a constant competition to maintain the best homes in neighborhoods like Al Barari!