Smart kitchens are the way of the future. The progress of technology has brought along a wide array of gadgets that will ease any cooking and maintenance-related process you once had to take care of manually. In this article, we will present our top seven picks for appliances in this category that every homeowner needs.

7 Gadgets Every Kitchen Needs:

1. Smart Fridge-Freezer
The smart fridge-freezer combo is the staple of any modern high-tech kitchen. It is the one appliance worth investing more money into, as it does so much more than store and preserves food. Depending on the make and model you choose, you can put together your shopping list right there and order the necessary groceries from its integrated touchscreen computer.
In addition to this, some devices allow you to sync the calendar of the entire family so that your schedules are memorated. Connect the gadget to your television and smartphone to get full access to films, music, photos, and other entertainment media. In fact, you can even send text messages from the kitchen using your smart fridge.

2. Induction Stovetop
The kitchen appliance market nowadays provides consumers with plenty of alternatives to the traditional gas stove. By far the most robust and modern option is represented by the induction range, which is remarkably superior to its electrical counterpart. Due to the magnetic coil powering its circuits, it cooks food faster and in a more sustainable way.
In addition to this, the meals you prepare on it will be healthier as well. This is because the magnetic nature of the gadget requires cookware made from materials such as cast iron or stainless steel, which do not leach any type of toxic chemical into your dishes. Still, this piece of kitchen equipment will cost more than the traditional alternative, so be prepared for it.

3. Slow Cooker with Mobile App
The slow cooker has been a life savior for working moms for decades now, and thanks to the progress of technology everything just got a million times better. What if we told you that you can now control every single aspect of the process remotely? With the help of integrated mobile apps, you will easily monitor your meal even when you’re at work or running errands.
Such gadgets are available from the classic Crock-Pot brand, as well as other known retailers in the cookware industry. Most of them offer a variety of settings to users. The most notable ones include the characteristic pressure cooker feature, as well as options for steaming, simmering, browning, and reheating. With their help, your dishes will practically prepare themselves.

4. Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer
While we’re on the topic of machines that do it all, let’s discuss about the kitchen machine and stand mixer hybrid that is becoming increasingly popular on the market nowadays. The mixer function takes care of kneading, beating, whisking, and, of course, mixing, while the integrated shredder can chop, slice, or shred ingredients with five different settings.
You can also use such an appliance in lieu of a blender to make your daily smoothies or a delicious gazpacho appetizer. What is more, a kitchen machine of this type usually comes with a citrus-press attachment that allows it to easily transform into a juicer. And if you need to mince some meat, it can handle that as well.

5. Portable Ice Maker
Who doesn’t enjoy a cold drink on a hot and balmy summer afternoon? Unless your smart fridge and freezer combo comes with its own ice dispenser, you might be forced to make your own in those little baggies if you want to cool off after a long day at work. This is rather tedious and time-consuming, but it can, fortunately, be avoided with the help of one small gadget.

We’re talking about the portable ice maker machines, of course. In the ice maker guide, the portable variety ranks as the most suitable for the average household. It makes cubes in a matter of minutes, and it is convenient enough to fit just about anywhere. And if you want to have a garden party with your friends, you can put it out there as well.

6. Espresso Machine
Tired of brewing your coffee the traditional way? With a smart espresso machine, you can make your own cup of joe in the morning very quick. Stock up on pods, then put them in the appliance and let it work its magic. You can choose between different flavors and intensities, as well as add milk and other accompaniments.

In this way, you won’t just enjoy a delicious hot and energizing beverage before work, but you will save a lot of time while doing it as well. This can be crucial in the morning, when time seems to simply fly out the window. The revolutionary technology has been around for a while, so if you don’t have one in your kitchen yet, it might be time to consider it.

7. Magnetic Drive Blender
Magnetic technology is reserved for more than just stoves as far as kitchen appliances are concerned. Blenders operate off of it as well, as demonstrated by the new generation of magnetic drive gadgets. The functions on them are similar, but the experience is a lot more seamless and smooth thanks to the enhanced moving parts that go into it.
Smart kitchen appliances are worth the investment, especially when considering that their prices are not all that much higher. Besides the refrigerator and stove, consider equipping your cooking area with an app-controlled crockpot, a multifunctional stand mixer machine, an ice maker, a blender, and an espresso machine. With their help, your days will be a lot easier.