Converting basements into functional rooms, whether it’s a home office, creative space, or an extra bedroom, can not only provide you with more area but may also increase the value of your property. Basement upgrades provide lots of value to a home.

That means having a functional basement is not only great for entertaining guests, but it’s also potentially profitable for the homeowner because it’s a condition that most homebuyers prefer.

Home Gym

Since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak, sales of fitness equipment surged, and many homeowners have discovered that their basement can be the ideal spot for a home gym.

Install Waterproof Flooring

To avoid damage from the inevitable flood or leak that can occur in your basement, waterproof materials should be used for flooring. It will be helpful to seek the advice of a waterproofing provider like the Regional Foundation Repair. It provides waterproofing specialists that could check and offer the best solutions for your waterproofing plan.

There are many choices when it comes to gym flooring, but rubber is the most practical, adapting to almost any workout. Rubber floors protect your flooring from the impact of lifting heavy weights. Rubber gym flooring comes in a variety of forms, including mats and tiles.

Additionally, make sure there’s a heat source along the floor for yoga, dance, and other barefoot activities, so your feet stay warm and comfy. You’ll need an additional infrared heat system that can reach high temperatures if you want to set up your room for hot yoga.

Invest in Good Ventilation

Moisture, mold, and foul odors can all occur in a basement that lacks sufficient ventilation. If you want to work out in a place with such poor ventilation, your eye health can be compromised in the long run.

Consider adding a window fan, ventilation duct, and blower fan to improve the ventilation in your potential home gym. Moreover, you can connect your basement to your home’s HVAC system to get the comfort you deserve while working out.

Add Fluorescent Tubes

It is important to note that light fixtures are not applicable in home gyms because you might hit them with the weights you’re lifting. The best option is fluorescent tubes. They are capable of generating a lot of light to illuminate your entire room.

Of course, fluorescent tubes will look plain, but they will fit in with the ambiance of a bright home gym. You can also add flush mount LED ceiling lights to provide better lighting.

Home Office

If you’ve ever worked from home, you know that it’s not as easy as most people think it is. Noises and other forms of disturbance can limit your concentration level while working; that’s why you need to consider the following upgrades before actually remodeling your basement into a home office.

Dedicate a Separate Entrance

Of course, many homes have a restricted entrance to the basements that family members can only access inside their homes. However, now that many are trying to build a full-fledged home office, it is essential to reserve a separate door where clients can enter every time they visit the office.

Make It Noise Proof

To keep the peace in your home office, you must eliminate any noise that may penetrate inside your workspace. Maintain that space far enough from household noises like the utility equipment in your backyard.

However, if you want to dedicate a family room adjacent to the basement office, you’ll need to insulate the common walls with foam insulation.

Enhance the Lighting

Well, home basements are commonly dark and dull. In the basement, there is usually no doorway and, apparently, no direct sunlight.

However, if you’re serious about turning your basement into a functional home office, you must invest in fair lighting designs.

To avoid vision problems caused by working in a dark workplace, invest in a good lighting design. Consider putting spotlights because they are low-profile and, when coupled with a dimmer, it will provide complete control based on the time of day.

Avail a decent atmosphere in your home office with wall lights and table lamps to enhance the mood in the room.

Basement Laundry Room

Visiting laundry shops could be risky because of the pandemic, so setting a laundry in your basement is a great idea. Because this is where all of the laundries are done, it would only be helpful and practical to keep it clean and organized.

Paint It Nicely

Even with enough ventilation, laundry rooms could be humid at times. Use a semi-gloss paint finish for most of the wall space, just as you would in a bathroom.

As many do, if your laundry room lacks windows, use a mirror to provide the illusion of natural light. Your laundry room will look and fresher if you use a cool gray complemented with clean white paint. Paint the plumbing with the same color as the wall, or go for a bolder look using a brighter color.

For the plumbing, paint them with the same color as the wall, or go for a bolder look using a brighter color to appeal to the appearance.

Final Thoughts

Due to a lack of space, most individuals have begun to build basements in their homes. It is the foundation of your house that makes it steady and capable of sheltering your family. More than all these, basements add value to your property and allow you to imagine different purposes for such space.