Renovating a kitchen could be a daunting project for many! It’s not only a considerable investment, but there are so many options to make. It can also trigger anxiety. I’ve seen couples almost break up over arguments over which tile to pick backsplash!
The best advice I can give to alleviate the stress of a major renovation is to prepare and get updated. The better your kitchen renovation goes, the more you think about the process. Although learning what to do during your kitchen renovation is essential, it is equally important to learn about the mistakes you can also avoid. We are going to discuss the top 12 errors we see on kitchen renovation projects.

Do Not Do It Yourself
The redesign of your kitchen is a huge undertaking, which is likely to be a significant investment. If you don’t have the experience of running a big renovation project on your own, hiring a kitchen design professional or partnering with a kitchen renovation entrepreneur is worth the small investment.

DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to use their skills and ingenuity totally on their own to do a kitchen renovation. That is what it means to do this yourself, right? But as anyone who has undergone a renovation will tell you, the expert advice is always useful, even for a renovation of the DIY kitchen. A specialist will help you fine-tune your strategy and provide guidance that could save you from buying expensive goods and materials and selecting a design that doesn’t suit your needs. You can also pause for a free consultation at several home centers.

Do Not Buy Cheap Appliances
Kitchen renovations are costly, whether it is a DIY kitchen renovation or you are hiring a pro, but do not try to save money by selecting appliances of lesser quality. This may mean you can’t get the super-fancy light fixture you love to remain in budget, but having much-used appliances that are energy-efficient and robust is more important than having a piece of art on the ceiling.

Keep Storage In Mind Always
Do not miss the add-ons and storage features such as pantry pull-outs and drawer dividers, if your budget allows for it. These improve your kitchen’s storage space, a feature you’ll come to appreciate once your renovation is complete. These types of add-ons can still be made later but adding them down the road is much more expensive.

Consider To Take Pictures Of Before And After
There is a reason why architects use blueprints rather than essays to express plans for the house. You can use anything from sketches to stamped engineer drawings, depending on the complexity of your remodel, but the purpose is often the same: to have an accepted target for the project.

Blueprints and drawings aren’t the only viable visual aids. A compilation of inspiring images (often referred to as a “look book”) will set a concrete target for the project completed. This is much like the way that often cooks books include step-by-step instructions along with a picture of the finished dish.

Getting Appliances After Cabinets
Suppose you’re working with a builder who is designing the cabinets to fit you. In that case, you need to make sure that you’ve ordered your appliances before you start making your cabinets. Know exactly what products you are going to purchase and make sure they are not discontinued or back-ordered at the very least. Your cabinet maker would need to know the product specs to make sure he’s designing the cabinets to fit your appliances.

Imagine asking your cabinet maker to create a 33 “wide opening for your refrigerator, and then deliver the refrigerator and it’s 36” tall. That could be a costly error to correct!

Do Not Compromise On Space
Get as much room as you can for the counter! They’re not going to regret it. With more counter room, you can spread out your field of work, get other people in the kitchen to support you, and feel more prepared in general. Careful positioning of your appliances will help your countertop create a more consistent flow. If you have large appliances too close to each other, such as your stove and refrigerator, you will end up with a choppy arrangement and limited countertop space between them. Design your appliances and cabinets so that your counter space is maximized.

Keep The End Result Clear
When you pick all of your kitchen elements out, it’s easy to fall in love with a specific countertop or floor but don’t forget what the final image would look like. All elements of yours need to work together.

First, you will want to choose your door styles and colors from your cabinet. You want to look at your most prominent feature after that, though. Consider this: if you change the flooring in your kitchen and breakfast room, or maybe even on the main floor, that is a vast area you’re dealing with so first choose the flooring. Your second option should always be the countertop because this is usually the most prominent investment after the cabinets.

Do Not Expect The Best In A Low Budget
Realistically, a portion of your kitchen renovation budget should be budgeted for your cabinets. Usually, kitchen renovations cost from $30,000-$ 60,000 and up. A $10,000 budget for your kitchen cabinets won’t get you a huge kitchen or a lot of “extras” Therefore, if your dreams involve knocking out a load-bearing wall to open the room, getting a cupboard, deep pot and cupboard drawers, spice racks and more, you need to set your budget higher. There is nothing worse than getting excited about a renovation and then finding out that you have a taste for champagne on a budget for beer.

Utilize Every Nook And Corner
There are several places inside your kitchen where, if your budget allows, and you can build an extra room. For example, the toe kick can be made into a pull-out drawer at the bottom of your cabinets. Cookie sheets, muffin tins, or even aluminum foil or wax paper rolls can be kept. If you have a small kitchen or house, you can improve your storage efficiency by using frequently ignored areas like this.
Look out for your kitchen and breakfast area as well. Small walls also can contain a shallow pantry or a broom closet. Broom closets are often overlooked in homes nowadays, but even a 10 “deep cabinet will store mops and brooms.

The Work Triangle Has To Be Kept As Priority
When planning your kitchen, this is one of the most essential items to consider: The Job Triangle. The triangle of work is formed between the freezer, the cooker, and the sink. These are the three places you walk through when you work in a kitchen. In each of those triangle “legs”, there should be no less than 4 feet (1.2 m) or more than 9 feet (2.7 m). The number of all three triangle sides should be between 13 feet (4.0 m) and 26 feet (7.9 m), respectively. A work triangle in your kitchen has the task of optimizing efficiency and function. The use of a working triangle in your kitchen minimizes the distance traveled between areas of work.

Do Not Forget The Splasher
That may be your kitchen’s focal point, so don’t neglect it. You can stick with direct white shaker style cabinets even on a budget, even a bare laminate countertop but invest a little in a splashier backsplash tile and you immediately have a WOW focal point in your kitchen. Backsplashes can also be flat, nominal-cost glass subway tiles, but still add color, shine, appeal, and a great focal point in a kitchen. Make sure that your budget leaves room for a fun backsplash!

Your Kitchen Must Be Ready For Parties Too
This is something that is always ignored. We design our kitchens for our use, and we can design them this way. However, if you have plenty of entertainment and family and friends for dinners and parties, then imagine how your kitchen would function and sound when there are more people around. Will your guests gather on the island, and have you left enough seats there? If you end up in the kitchen with all your sisters helping you cook the turkey with you at Thanksgiving, you’ll be bumping into one another. Make your kitchen working for you but don’t forget how it functions when there are others around as well.

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