Cabinets are essential components of any kitchen and bathroom. As more trends that are decorative emerge for kitchen and bathroom in modern designs, parallel variations in cabinets’ designs are surfacing. The cabinet ideas not only cater to aesthetics but also augment functionality at the same time of being eco-friendly and affordable.

Let us start off with the kitchen. Whether you are opting for kitchen remodeling or going for a complete overhaul, there is a lot of diversity in the materials available. The market catering to Kitchen cabinets meet all kinds of requirements. After taking accurate measurements, the only issue remains the wallet money available. There is expertise available dealing with every aspect of cabinet fitting. With right decisions, you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams. However, correct decisions implore knowledge; know your kitchen dimensions, know your personal preferences in design and function, know what is available in the market and select according to your budget.
Depending upon your budget, you can reface the cabinets, order stock, custom or semi-custom, go for ready-to-assemble (Rta kitchen cabinets), recycled cabinets, or fix old kitchen cabinets.

Refacing the cabinets is a versatile option, big on saving time and money but is only adaptable to cabinets, which retain a sturdy structure.

For a complete makeover, the custom-made kitchen cabinets allow for a liberal choice in size, design, color, and material. The budget for this kind of kitchen remodeling may prove expensive if you have a deluxe pick. However, opting for latest factory-generated materials may cut back on the total expense.

Stock kitchen cabinets are economical, however; they come in limited designs and colors. You may get stuck with a size and resizing may cost you some additional bucks. Stock cabinets are an efficient solution in kitchens where a leisure area is available.
Semi-custom cabinets fall somewhere in the middle of the above-mentioned two categories. They have flexible solutions in both size and design with an ability to support a mix and match styled kitchen, a trending style for the upcoming season. If you are patient enough for their delivery, which can take time, semi-custom works for all.

Another great option in terms of cost-effectiveness and time saving is Rta (Ready To Assemble) cabinets if you are confident enough to do the job yourself. Shipped at your doorstep or conveniently available at your local home improvement store, these cabinets cater to design and functionality without breaking the bank. Comprising of components with a set of instructions and maybe some tools, the Rta cabinets can be easily fixed in no time. Order them fully or partially finished according to your remodeling choice.

With Go Green movement around the world, kitchen cabinets seem to follow suit. Used and recycled cabinets are making their way in a modern kitchen. Cabinets that are highly functional with inserts, pullouts, and non-fussy low maintenance fixtures are becoming the vogue.
Kitchen cabinets that make use of every square inch come in a variety of blueprints. Copper rods, wooden ledges with glass shelves, open cabinetry style cater to storage as well as decorative requirements of a kitchen. Make sure to tap that selection.

The classic material for kitchen cabinets remains wood collection. The cheaper and eco-friendly varieties are laminated veneer and gloss coated material.

As for bathroom collection, there is even less requisite for decoration and ornament. Here again, apart from the budget allowance, the dictating factors are the available space and its best utilization. Freestanding shelves/cabinets, wall mounted varieties, over-the-toilet cabinets, shower caddies, medicine cabinets, and mirrored cabinets make the call.

An average bathroom has a lifespan of 18 years that is why the material of the cabinet plays an important role in determining the next fix for your bathroom. The cabinets for bathroom must be cost-effective and durable enough to withstand the humidity. Easy to clean surface and low maintenance are some further attributes of bathroom cabinets.

Rta cabinets work best for a bathroom of average size. They come in all shapes and varieties; solid wood is luxury for your bathroom if you can afford. However, it is not cost-effective because the wood deteriorates in texture with humidity changes. Another economical solution is plywood though it does not caters much to aesthetics. Same is the case with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).

PVC cabinets are a fair answer to cost-effective bathroom cabinets. Delivering a smooth look, it can be painted in any color and withstands the humid setting of a bathroom. Stainless steel brings a grand look but it is usually preferred for commercial settings.

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