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Do you envision a kitchen with crisp white cabinets and stainless steel appliances? Maybe you’re more into an open concept with rustic features. Either way, it’s crucial to make sure your dream renovation can actually happen as you wish. With 3D modeling, you can better understand how to achieve your overall goal.

Take a look at how home renovation technology can help your remodel:

1. You’ll See a More Complete Picture

Whether or not you’ve stripped your house to the bones, it’s not always easy to see what it’ll look like at the end. Sure, you love those cherry wood floors — but how do they pair with the furniture you want to add? Or if you’re removing walls, how will this impact the flow of your room? A 3D modeling software platform can create an image that puts those pieces together for you. This visual representation can help you avoid potential mistakes down the line.

For the most part, online pictures can only do so much. Your space may look entirely different when you finish your project, even though you replicated so many examples. Use 3D modeling as a way to plan your renovation from the start.

2. You Can Change Materials as You Go

If you decide you don’t like the windows you’ve ordered, it’s not as if you can click a button to have them changed. With a 3D modeling program, you can focus on every little detail — from the paint color to the siding material. This software allows users to see their remodel realistically, as it uses 3D structures rather than flat images.

You can envision every material as it would appear usually. Therefore, if you want to try a blue tile for your bathroom, you can select that option to see if it works. You may realize you want gray tile – and that’s okay! You can switch out materials as you complete a 3D model for your renovation. This customization makes it easy to plan for your dream home.

3. Your Model Matches Your Home Specifically

Sometimes, a program shows you examples that don’t fit your house’s exact dimensions. These websites may emphasize the interior design aspect, for instance. When you’re about to start a remodel, you need home renovation technology that takes your measurements into account. Many types of current 3D modeling software allow you to consider an area’s dimensions before you create a model.

This way, you aren’t stuck with a representation that doesn’t look like your house. You can use different virtual rulers to measure a room. Once you input those numbers, you can account for your space accurately. This feature helps both you and your contractor — if you decide to work with one. If you know these figures from the start, you’ll experience a much smoother process.

4. You Can Use Free Apps

In the past, this process wasn’t exactly cheap. You’d have to work through many different procedures for your sketches to become 3D models. That said, today’s home renovation technology makes this endeavor much more manageable. You can use various apps and websites to create your 3D model. These programs won’t cost you more than $15, which certainly pays off when you consider the overall benefits. Most services are free, anyways.

You can also work with your contractor to develop a more transparent representation. They might incorporate their own software into the project at a small cost. In any case, 3D modeling doesn’t cost as much as it once did. That’s a win for all remodelers.

Try Home Renovation Technology for Your Next Project

A 3D model can help you envision your entire remodel from the start. From materials to furniture, this software makes the whole process so much easier.

Bio:  Emily is a sustainability writer who is the creator of Conservation Folks.