There are numerous advantages of heating your home with natural gas. Heating with natural gas is more convenient, less expensive than electric heating, environmentally friendly and it offers a reliable supply and instant warmth. Read on for the other advantages of heating with natural gas.

  • Reliability at all times

One of the benefits of gas heating includes reliability at all times. What does this mean? It means that the gas supply to your home is unaffected by the weather conditions. It is supplied underground through pipelines, so the storms happening above the ground can’t affect its supply. This is not the case with electric heating, where the supply of electricity can be temporarily stopped due to bad weather conditions such as storms. This means that natural gas can keep your home warm during severe winter weather. Another thing is that the pipelines supplying natural gas go directly to your home, so you always have access to the gas, unlike the oil or propane, where you have to wait for a truck to deliver the fuel. 

  • An eco-friendly alternative

An additional benefit of natural gas heating is the fact that it’s an eco-friendly alternative, compared to other types of heating systems. It produces very low carbon emissions (70% less than other fossil fuels), in comparison to coal or oil. The combustion process of natural gas is almost perfect. How so? Well, only a small amount of by-products is emitted into the air as pollutants when it is burned. It leaves no solid waste, it emits little sulfur and far less nitrogen dioxide. Natural gas is also more efficient than electric heating. Electrical productions use a lot of energy, with only 30% of the energy used to produce electricity reaches your home. That means there’s a 70% loss of energy just in the production of electricity. On the other hand, 90% of natural gas that enters the utility system, reaches your home. So, there’s a 10% loss of energy. Natural gas is definitely the cleanest fossil fuel. If you switch to it, you will cut your home’s carbon footprint in half. 

  • Benefits of a natural gas furnace

Besides the advantages of natural gas, there are also advantages of a natural gas furnace. First of all, it reduces your heating costs from 50 to 70% since gas prices are much more affordable than other fossil fuels. New gas furnaces are quite efficient, so they can lower your heating bill considerably. These furnaces warm up your home quite quickly and they will continue working even when the power is out. The gas furnace is easy to maintain if you take proper care of it and do all the heating service repairs promptly. If you service it regularly, it is expected to heat your home for the next 20 years. Another benefit of heating with gas is that the gas furnace increases your home value. When searching for a home, people ask for natural gas heating systems as they are comfortable, convenient and more affordable. 

  • An affordable alternative

A huge advantage of natural gas is that it is an affordable alternative. In many areas, natural gas costs significantly less than electricity and half as expensive as coal or oil. You can save up quite a lot by switching to a natural gas heating system. It is a deregulated utility, which means that people can choose the price they pay for gas; they have more control over it. The furnace also has lower operating costs, especially the new models. It is true that the furnace itself and the installation of a natural gas furnace initially costs more, but the expenses are lower in the long run. Heating your home is one of the major expenses, so you should carefully consider your options. 

  • Instant heat

One of the greatest advantages of a natural gas heating system is instant heat. If you own a natural gas furnace, it means you can heat your home instantly, without having to wait some time. It means that as soon as you turn on the furnace, the ignitor is lit and the heat begins to flow into your home. Also, you can create a cozy ambiance by turning on the effect of roaring log fire, which is lit with a simple switch and which leaves no firewood or kindling. A perfect picture for your living room on cold winter nights. And plus, you don’t have to clean the residues of a log fire!

The sources on our planet are quite limited, so we should do everything we can to prolong their existence. One of the first (and major) things we can do to help save the environment is to switch to a natural gas heating system. It will be beneficial not only for the planet but for your household, too. It is cheaper, easier to maintain, more convenient and reliable at all times. A perfect combination, we might say.