Sunrooms, also known as garden rooms, are the best. A place to relax, read a book, entertain, or enjoy a good view and some natural light, a sunroom is a great addition to any house – whether you’re planning to live in the suburbs or in a luxurious condo like the Tuscany Gates.

Sunrooms are also handy during extreme weather when it’s too rainy or cold to go

outside, and you want to feel like you’re outdoors but still want to enjoy the warmth inside. For those who have allergies that are triggered by pollen, sunrooms are an ideal place to enjoy nature without going outside.

Some people use sunrooms as a place to engage in their hobbies while others keep their plants in there and if you have pets, they are a great place to hang out with them too.

However, for people who live in areas where temperatures are always on the extreme side, whether it’s Winter or Summer, a sunroom may go unused a lot of the time. That’s because they are largely made of windows that can let in the cold or heat easily.

The best way to ensure you enjoy your sunroom year-round is to find ways to heat or cool it as needed. Here are some suggestions.

How to heat a sunroom

  • Install a space heater 

A space heater is the cheapest option of heating up your sunroom, especially if it’s a small space. Although space heaters take some time to heat up a room, they are a good solution. Just ensure you buy a space heater that’s large enough to heat your sunroom.

  • Mini-split heating system 

Also known as a ductless system, a mini-split allows you to only pump heat to rooms where you need it. It is easy to install and a great way to save on energy costs.

With a ductless system, you don’t have to heat up your whole house every time you need to warm up the sunroom.

  • Extend your heating vents to the sunroom

If your HVAC system can handle warming up another room, you could ask an HVAC expert to modify the vents and extend them into your sunroom.

As long as you schedule top-quality heating repair and maintenance checkups, this will allow you to control the heat in your sunroom from other parts of the home. This will allow you to control the heat in your sunroom from other parts of the home. If you’re worried about paying extra for heating your sunroom, install a programmable thermostat, so it is only heated when you’re using it.

  • Insulation

Since sunrooms have several windows, they don’t keep heat in as well as rooms with few windows and insulated walls. Put in some insulation by adding weather stripping around the window frames to keep the heat from escaping.

Insulation is also an excellent way to save on energy bills.

  • Fireplace

If you really want to keep things simple, an excellent solution for heating your sunroom is to light a fire. Just set up a lovely wood fireplace in there, and your heating problems will be over. If you don’t like dealing with firewood, you have the option of installing an electric fireplace. However, are electric fireplaces safer than space heaters? Depending on the available resources, installing a space heater or an electric fireplace is entirely your choice after considering their individual merits and demerits.

How to cool a sunroom

  • Take your AC vents to the sunroom  

Instead of only using your AC in the house, you can use it in the sunroom by extending its vents. You could have the room in the same temperature as the rest of the home or set up a seperate thermostat to control the temperature.

  • Install a separate window AC unit

If your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system cannot handle the extra work of cooling your sunroom, buy a separate window AC unit. It will be just enough to cool the sunroom when you need to use it.

However, since window AC units are made of an outside condenser and indoor AC unit, they need to be taken in during extreme weather, so be ready to do that every time it gets too cold.

Here is a quick guide on how to choose an air conditioning service provider.

  • Get a fan

Depending on how big your sunroom is, a ceiling or portable fan can come in handy in summer. Fans move air around and help you feel cooler by evaporating the sweat from your skin. They are a good option if you’re looking for a simple solution to help you enjoy your sunroom.

  • Put up shades or curtains

Cooling your sunroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Putting up some curtains or shades will keep out the harsh sun rays and ensure your sunroom stays cool in Summer.  In winter, heavy curtains can keep out the cold and keep the heat in too.

  • Window film 

Another option you can use to cool your sunroom is to put up some UV window film, which is a coating you apply to windows to keep harsh sun rays out. Window film will not only keep your room cool and help in insulation but also protect you from the health problems that can come from exposure to harmful sun rays.

Need to cool or heat up your sunroom? Ask the experts!

These are great options for cooling and heating your sunroom.

If you are not sure which option will work best for your home, heating and air conditioning New Jersey experts can help. They will not only advise you on the right solution but also help you to maintain it.

Author: Vicky Langham