There are many ways to elevate the appearance of your home’s exterior and outdoor areas. Landscape lights are some of the best and most effective ways to achieve this goal. There are several different types of landscape lighting that you can utilize. So here are some ideas of the best placement for your outdoor landscape lighting.

Along Paths and Walkways

The first areas in which you’ll want to place landscape lights are spots along paths and walkways. If you have a walkway leading to your home’s door, adding some path lights will illuminate your walkway so that guests can easily navigate and find their way in the evenings. You can also add lights to garden paths, backyard walkways, and any other area that may experience foot traffic. There are several styles of path lights that you can choose, and they typically shine down to the ground so that people can easily see where they’re walking and have a clear guide.

Around Architectural Elements

Another great placement for landscape lighting is around architectural elements. One of the purposes of landscape lights is to highlight specific features you want to showcase outside your home. For example, if you have a beautiful water fountain outside your house, you can add spotlights to draw attention to this stunning architectural feature. Highlighting the most interesting aspects and elements of your home and its architecture adds curb appeal and is one of the best upgrades to increase property resale value. So it’s something to consider when installing landscape lighting.

Near Doors and Garages

The third type of place in which you can use landscape lights is near doors and garages. In the evenings, the sun goes down, and your surroundings get darker, making it harder to see at night. Garages and doorways are significant areas you need to see clearly to get in and out of your home efficiently. One of the best ways to use landscape lighting in both an aesthetic and functional way is to add them around your doors and garages. For example, you can put lanterns or sconce lights on either side of your front door and on both sides of your garage to illuminate those areas, making them more accessible.

Now that you know some placement ideas for your outdoor landscape lights, you can put these ideas to good use. Determine which parts of your home would benefit from exterior landscape lighting and create a design plan from there.