Build versus buy, Build Versus Buy: 5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Build a New House

Home-buyers have so many what-ifs swirling around in their noggin.

What if the location is dangerous?

What if the property taxes are too much?

What if the house needs fixing up?

Among the biggest of them is “what if I build versus buy my home?”

Building your own home is, on average, 30% cheaper than buying an existing house. If that’s not enough to close the door, here are 5 reasons why you should pick up the hammer instead of keys.

Your New House Will Outlive You

Building standards progress annually. Civil engineering, supplies, and construction provide for a solid, long-lasting foundation.

Houses on the market are older than they look. Behind their freshly painted walls could be corroded mush.

Plumbing and electrical wiring might not be up to today’s standards. Air ducts might be poorly managed and infested with harmful agents.

Building your own house assures newness. Freshness and strict adherence to today’s building code are a certainty.

It can’t be a fixer-upper if it’s brand new. There’s no need to hire a Commercial Electrician, plumber, or any other hand-man.

Exactly What You Wanted

Window shopping for a new home is an arduous task.

Your spouse might want a third bedroom for their office that they’ll never work from. You might want a pool that’s a certain shape, length, and depth. And you both want a kitchen that’s big enough for a chef and sous chef.

That house you had your eye on might have a big pool and sizeable kitchen, but it’s missing an office. Or the home with an office has a rinky-dink kitchen.

Everyone has their own cup of tea. It’s best if you brew it yourself.

Right Where You Want It

A major factor of choosing real estate is its location.

Location, location, location! Ever heard that before? It’s the mantra of all amateur real estate tycoons.

It’s because it’s true. Nobody wants to live in a less than desirable area. More importantly, nobody wants neighbors.

Put your house where you want it.

Build Versus Buy A House: Community Impact

You might not have considered this before, but building a home has externalities. These are effects our social outcomes spread across your community. They can be negative and positive.

Building a home has a positive effect on the community. It’s a huge stimulation of the economy.

Consider all of the inputs that go into a house. The labor, the supplies, and the services all have a positive economic vibe for your community. If you buy each from a local supplier, that money ripples through your hometown.

No Mortgages, No Problem

If you have the means to build your own house – do it.

While it’s more of an upfront cost than paying a fixed, 30-year mortgage, you won’t regret it. Hop-skip over interest rates attached to bank loans. That’s a lot of saved money for retirement.

Get Your Construction Hats On!

Building a home, rather than buying it, comes with a slew of benefits.

Everything’s new, it won’t require fixing up. Building it also sets off a wave of economic externalities throughout the community. Your future-self will also thank you.

Build right where you want it, exactly as you want it.

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