, Building a House Checklist: All the Steps You Should Know and Take

So you’ve found the perfect parcel of land and you’re ready to build your dream home on it. It may seem like a long road from where you are right now to having a house of your own to live in, but it’s not as difficult as you might think.

With a handy ‘steps in building a house timeline’, you’ll be able to see exactly what needs to get done and what you need to prepare for further down the line.

If you want your dream home to arrive sooner rather than later, check out this building a house checklist for everything you’ll need.

Building a House Checklist: Prepare the Site 

The first and most important steps in construction involve preparing the site you’re going to build on. You’ll need to arrange for experienced excavation services to prepare the land you’re going to build on.

They will clear the site of debris, dig the foundations for the home, prepare drainage and sewage systems, and more. In the end, you’ll need to arrange for the concrete foundations to be poured into the excavated site.

Complete the Framing 

One of the most exciting steps is the framing part. Framing a house step-by-step involves setting up the walls, floors, and roof shell of the house, also known as the ‘skeleton’.

Typically, framing will take some time, as the measurements need to be absolutely perfect. Plywood will often be used for the initial frame, then a sheath is wrapped around the structure to protect it. After this, the windows and doors are ready to go in.

Install Plumbing and Electric

A house is of little use if there is no electricity or running water. Getting your plumbing, electric, and HVAC installed might just be the trickiest stage of building a house.

You’ll need to ensure the sidings and walls are fitted, then getting quality contractors to run all of the necessary pipes and wires through the structure.

This stage involves sewer lines, supply lines, vents, and wiring being perfectly fitted in the right places. It’s important to ensure it is done correctly.

Fit Insulation and Interiors 

The next part of the building process concerns the insulation, which will make your house safe and comfortable to live in. Your insulation will either get made of cellulose, foam, fiberglass or wool, depending on your local climate.

There are also prices to be considered if you have a tight budget. The insulation will get pumped into the walls and ceiling and should be a relatively quick process.

Complete Exterior Finishes 

The final part of your building a house checklist is to get the exterior finished up. The first stage of this process will involve finishing the exterior walls, with brick, wood, concrete, or whatever material you choose.

Then you can focus on more decorative elements such as windowsills and door frames. After this, you can start building the driveway and backyard.

Finally, you can focus on getting the interior finished, with carpets, skirting boards, etc.

Let’s Build Your Dream House

Having a solid building a house checklist is only the first part of your journey. You’ll also need to manage the process like a professional. To learn more about how you can take charge of your home building journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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