Buying a new build home can be an exciting prospect. Many people love the idea of purchasing a house that you can add your individual style to with finishes, layout, and colors. There are some differences between the process of buying a new build versus a home that has already been lived in, and there are pros and cons to both endeavors. In this article, we will explain some of the things you should consider if you’re buying a new build home.

Do your research

It’s essential to do a lot of research when choosing a builder for your new home. You want to choose a company that is trusted, reliable, and will not dodge any warranty claims or negatively handle issues. A great way to find out about a builder’s reputation is by reading their reviews across multiple platforms, including social media, Google, and Yelp.

Choosing the best builder is vital because some builders work too fast to do a quality job on the home. This can cause you expensive headaches in the long run.

It’s also important to research the area you want to live in. Many new developments are built in up-and-coming neighborhoods that may not have as many nearby amenities as some other more established communities. You want to consider the future of your property and what your area plans of putting around it. If you’re purchasing a new build in a developed community, this part will be a bit easier for you. All of this will lead you to get the best resale value for your home. After some time, you may want to consider making upgrades to your home, and it will be important to research which renovations have the highest ROI.

Hire a realtor

Even when you’re dealing directly with a builder, you still want to enlist the help of a trusted realtor. Not only can they give you insight into the up-and-coming communities, but they can also help you navigate the process. A realtor can help determine what home buyers really want. Some builders may even pay the realtor for you!

It’s not necessary to have a realtor when you are buying from a builder company, but you might be thankful that you chose to hire one. A builder is concerned with making their commission and profits, and you may not think there is wiggle room. Still, a realtor can keep your best interests in mind, and let you know if negotiation is possible.

You may also be eligible for incentives or promotions, and a realtor can help you navigate that information as well.

Still do an inspection

You might immediately think that there would be no need to hire an inspector when dealing with a brand new home, but it’s equally as important as inspecting an older home. An inspector can point out what the builder missed, quality issues, and more. Even with a new build home, it never hurts to have a professional inspection done to ensure the home is safe and well constructed.

Get it in writing

You will make the process easier on yourself by getting all of the details in writing. A realtor can help you with this as well. Documenting everything, including your finishing choices, can save you time and energy if something is not completed the way you wanted. This can also help you avoid disappointment if they make an error, and you didn’t get it in writing.


Along with all the other research you’ll be doing, just as you would when you’re buying an older home, you want to see a professional and find out how much home you can afford.

You don’t need to choose the builder’s default lender when it comes to purchasing a home directly from them. Shop around, get the best price for you and your budget.

Buying a brand new build can be very exciting, and it’s something many homebuyers want. A house that has your personal touch and has never been lived in will quickly feel like your home. While buying a brand new build is a bit different than a traditional real estate experience, that shouldn’t deter you from buying a beautiful home from an experienced and trusted builder.

Laura Sulborski is a real estate entrepreneur who works tirelessly for her clients. As a result, her clients know that their interests come first and enjoy the peace of mind that experience, integrity, relationships, and unsurpassed professionalism offer. Laura has studied and traveled extensively internationally and earned a Master’s Degree from Columbia University.