Most home improvement projects fall between $17K and $78K in the US. A spacious home requires homeowners to give up to $150 per square foot. The cost spikes up with hard-to-install fixtures, uneven land, down-country, disaster-prone locations, difficulty with transportation, surging material prices, and high labor costs.

In California, everything is more expensive that booms the price of every move. Housing is 2 times the price of the national average in CA. Along with the highest tax rate for gas, the state has 66% higher electricity prices compared to the US average due to increased demand and usage. Restrictive construction codes in California also increase home improvement costs year-round.

Conversely, the cost of living in South Carolina is 11.5% lower than the national rate. South Carolina is a state that owns stable inhabitants. There are no major cities in there that drive up costs. The state is among those which have the lowest tax in the country.

Why California Is Among The Most Expensive States for Home Improvement

Homeowners in CA are having a harder time since 2021 qualifying for a home improvement due to inflation. According to JCHS, upgrade market activity saw a peak in the third quarter of 2022. Consumers paid 29% more than the previous year in the fourth quarter of the same year.

Construction materials and labor costs are always out of hand in California due to the shortage of contractors and builders. Such restricted supplies of materials and labor are suggestive of growing construction prices. The towering volume of interest is another reason why home improvement costs revolt in the state.

Disruptions in the supply chain also work as a deterrent to undertaking any renovations. California’s inventory will remain low due to the restrictions holding back builders. As a result, home remodeling costs have increased, which shrinked homeowners’ purchasing power.

Is South Carolina An Affordable State for Home Upgrade?

South Carolina is overall an affordable state. Every luxury upgrade does not cut your pocket if you live there.

As of February 2023, the hourly pay for construction laborers in South Carolina is 13.07%. Though unimaginable, the pay is almost half that of California. Furthermore, the state didn’t undergo any labor or material shortage recently that would have dramatically inflated the cost of home upgrades in most cities.

Interest rates for home renovations in South Carolina tend to be lower than in many states. Many people think that they must have a stellar credit score to qualify for a renovation loan just like a mortgage, but that is not true. Unlike a new home loan, it is possible to borrow money for your planned remodeling project with a lower credit count.

The state people react wisely to tone down home improvement costs. To avoid such nationwide inflation, construction builders and homeowners are now more likely to use DIY projects that keep the home upgrade cost moderately low.

Renovating vs Buying A New House

It may look less expensive to remodel an existing house. But improvement constructions in states like California would exceed all your presumptions. While cities like Charleston have an average renovation cost of over $41K, the city real estate has offered a starting price of $39.9K for new properties.

Renovations hardly fit the budget. Buying a new home is cheaper when your existing home demands a lot more work. You may have to add extra 15% hidden costs that were not supposed to be involved.

Renovation is always disruptive and time-consuming, but what if you need a quick solution? The workers are going to move around while the work is halfway done.

The ability to upgrade a home is limited to community regulations, land blocks, and property structures. Only a few home improvements are spell working. Sometimes, the blueprint does not work anyway.

What Is The Cheapest County to Buy A House in California

You can spend all your money in metros or choose to stay in Modoc County with economic ease. Modoc is an affordable place to live in California. The median home price is $200K. If you must live in the state, choose Tionesta, the cheapest city with a median home price of $167.5K.

Modoc has high-paying employment to offer. Moreover, it has a lower living cost than the US average. The real estate can be broken down into townhomes, lots, and single-family homes by category. At present, the locale is likely to have a sufficient supply of residential properties.

Cost of Housing In Spartanburg County, SC

Spartanburg County is home to some of the cheapest condos in the state. Real estate in Spartanburg is more inexpensive than in many parts of SC. The median list prices for homes and rentals are respectively around $290K and $1.7K. A lot of residential properties, ready lots, and foreclosures can be found in this charming suburb at a competitive price.


The city of Landrum is a great source of some waterside real estate near Lake Lanier. There are 203 active listings with newly constructed single-family homes and ready lots ranging from $25K to $2.75M. Real estate along Caledonia road opens wonderful access to the shore of Lake Lanier and the spectacular mountain landscape that makes you live like a holiday every day.

Cut Your Home Improvement Costs

Opposed to a whole home upgrade, you may need tiny things such as changing the door knobs or varnishing the cabinets to bring life back to your existing home. Homeowners can stretch the value of their investment in several ways. To carry the advantage for years long, you should choose home improvements that offer a sturdy return on the invested money.