You must handle custom timber furniture with care so that you can use it for a long time and retain its look and feel at the same time. Specific ways are there to follow and the most significant one is to clean it regularly. Make sure that you use a weak solution of dish washing liquid. You must also remember to use water using a soft and slightly damp cloth made of cotton.
After cleaning dry, it off wiping it off with a dry and soft cotton rag. Never use any abrasive or solvent based cleaning product. Do not use any furniture polishes as that will cause more harm than good.

Other Useful Strategies to Follow
There are a few other points that you must remember when you take care of the custom timber furniture.
You must know the finish of the furniture such as lacquer, natural oil or any other as that will determine your cleaning technique.
Protect your furniture against spills and in case you spoil anything to make sure you clean it immediately.
Excessive air conditioning may cause serious damage to the timber furniture as the usual moisture content of seasoned timber is for about 12 percent. Air conditioning will draw the moisture and make it dry causing it to shrink and even distort.

Choose the Right Furniture
To ensure that you have long lasting custom timber furniture you will first need to buy it from a reliable store. There are also a few guidelines to follow to ensure that you are not buying standard furniture and paying for a custom-made item that will usually cost much more than any average item.

When you place an order, you will need to narrow down on your design, material and finish options. For this, you will need to know the purpose of the piece you want to order.
You must know the right measure to order so that no part of the furniture just out of the room especially if you are after a sideboard.
To know your style is important and for that, you must take photos of the place you want the furniture and show it to the furniture maker.
Be proactive and very clear on the timeframe as no custom furniture will be ready within a week. As workers will have different timeframes it is necessary that you know lead time right at the outset.
Follow the ordering process. It will require making an appointment with the furniture maker. Visit their workshop and showroom to see the timber samples, the custom timber furniture in different stages and the finished pieces.
Lastly, be prepared to give the maker a time window of about four to twelve weeks depending on the specifics of the item ordered.

Consider the Climate
The climatic condition of the area you live in will also play a significant role in the life and beauty of the custom timber furniture. Therefore, if you want to invest in such furniture you must be aware of the climate and discuss it with the furniture maker. They are experts in this field and may suggest you easy yet effective ways to maintain your furniture.
The temperature and moisture variation in the climate may cause timber to shrink and swell. This will lead to cracks, movements and warping. UV rays may also cause the timber to fade and water and excess moisture may cause timber to rot easily and fast. Therefore, selecting the right material is a very crucial first step. Make sure natural vegetable oils are used to season the timber to prevent fast deterioration.

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