Traditional tiles in our latitudes, where the climate cannot be called warm for at least six months, will require the installation of underfloor heating, especially if children or elderly people live in the apartment, for whom contact with cold ceramics is highly undesirable. And the correct style is a very laborious process and requires special skills and knowledge. Modern linoleum, while we like it with a variety of textures, colors, and types, can also be rejected for a number of reasons. If you are looking to renovate or decorate the flooring of the kitchen here is the best collection of 600X1200 MM wood look marble slab for a kitchen.

Many people like laminate as a floor covering, but are afraid of water, and in the kitchen, contact with moisture is unavoidable. Meanwhile, now many laminate manufacturers launch collections that position themselves as waterproof.

So, can laminate flooring be laid on the kitchen floor? And what is it – waterproof laminate?

Waterproof Laminate Wood Tiles

Laminate flooring generally has a four or five-layer structure:

The first layer (the top layer, the one we wash, clean, and of course trample on) is a durable protective film. Minimizes damage to the integrity of the coating, the appearance of static electricity, discoloration in the sun, is resistant to thermal and some chemical influences. It is she who determines the class of wear resistance, from the strength of the laminate to abrasion. Stretchy and durable, it also mimics the texture of the next layer.

Next is a decorative layer of paper impregnated with a special composition. It is she who gives the laminate exactly the look and texture that attracts us.

  • The main layer is a very high-density wooden board – HDF or MDF, pressed under high pressure and impregnated with resins. Thanks to the board’s manufacturing technology, the laminate is very durable. This intermediate layer largely determines the characteristics of the product.
  • The lower layer is called stabilizing and performs several functions: moisture-proof does not allow deformation and sound insulation. To ensure greater silence, the cladding is usually equipped with an additional layer of sound insulation.

Features of the waterproof laminate:

  • wear resistance class – 32, 33 or 34;
  • main layer – HDF – high-density slab. This material can remain in water for a long time without swelling and without losing its properties
  • the locks of the waterproof laminate are treated with water repellants
  • many manufacturers also add water repellent substances to the HDF board itself. Such boards can be painted greenish (by analogy with moisture-resistant drywall)
  • In addition, the waterproof laminate is treated with antibacterial and antifungal agents.

When choosing a material, keep in mind that only the edges of the slab can be treated with a water repellent, or perhaps the entire slab.

Tip. To extend the life of laminate flooring, both manufacturers and experienced repairers are encouraging consumers to use joint sealants.

Laminate advantages

  • it resists even very strong floods in the short term without loss of quality
  • easy to remove stains of different origins
  • a large selection of colors and textures. The moisture-resistant laminate perfectly imitates any type of wood, and now also ceramic tiles, stone or almost any other material
  • the dishes will not break if they are dropped, and if the child stumbles, they will not be hit with force.
  • When do difficulties arise?

Opinions about the excellent service of laminate floors in the kitchen refer mainly to quality products from brand manufacturers. And the price of such coverage is quite high, mainly from 1000 to 2000 rubles per square meter.

The danger of a high-quality laminate in the kitchen is not moisture, but fallen knives and dishes (if they still break). This could leave scratches on the floor.  Tip. You can use a furniture pencil to hide scratches on your laminate floor.

Moisture-resistant laminate doesn’t mean anything will happen to you if you stay in water for several hours. The coating can deteriorate if the water “stays” on the laminate for a long time. For example, you go on vacation and your neighbors will flood you. Or turn off the light, and the refrigerator will flow and the puddle will be on the floor for several days. Or burst the pipe. Even a high-quality coating will not last several days in water. And if the laminate swells up a lot, it will stop taking its original shape. That is why this material is not put in the bathroom. There, the coating is exposed to moisture regularly and should not have a long service life.

To Put Or Not To Put Laminate In The Kitchen?

From the information available on waterproof laminate some conclusions can be drawn:

  • If you want your floor to last as long as possible, you should choose a high-quality product.
  • Do you usually go out for a long time? Then laminate is not the best option for your kitchen. Or arrange for someone to visit the apartment regularly in your absence;
  • A good solution would be to combine laminate and tile – place tiles in the work area, near the sink, in the dishwasher area. To date, it will not be difficult to pick up the pattern and texture, and the transition can be closed with a connecting profile.
  • To prolong the life of the laminate, it should be used with care, protecting it from unnecessary scratches and impacts from sharp objects. In fact, careful and careful handling of any floor covering is recommended.

The final choice, of course, is up to you. We wish you a successful renovation!