bollards, Choosing the Right Type of Bollards
Do you want to keep your property protected?

While many people invest in durable structures and security equipment, they often forget to consider bollards for their property. Bollards play a big role in the safety of others as they prevent cars from passing into an area.

Have you ever gone to a grocery store and seen large, thick poles coming out from the ground in front of the entrance? Those are bollards. They’re designed to stop a vehicle from crashing into the entrance of the building.

Read on to learn more about bollards and choosing the right type.

Why Would I Want Bollards?

Before looking for bollards, it’s important to decide what you would be buying them for. There are several questions that you can ask yourself to narrow down your options when browsing:

  • Do I want to protect my building?
  • Is there a pathway that I don’t want cars to enter?
  • Am I buying bollards as decoration?

Because each situation calls for a different type of bollard, you need to know why you’re getting them. After deciding, you can start looking at your options.

Types of Bollards

Many types of bollards are created for protection and decoration. While many people buy bollards to enhance their property, they still protect as they can be placed with a strong core in the ground.

Here are some different kinds of bollards:


Flexible bollards are designed to bend as they are hit. These are often used as parking bollards and are also placed at the entrances of bike pathways as indicators for cars not to enter. Their flexibility lets a car enter if need be.

These are often used in areas where a police car would benefit from passing through. Some pathways are dark in the evening, so people can do mischievous acts on them. Flexible bollards let police vehicles pass through without a problem.


Security bollards are designed to protect buildings and pieces of equipment. Depending on what exactly you’re protecting, you’ll need bollards placed in different areas.

If you wanted to protect the entrance of your building, you would place bollards in front of the entrance. Many buildings have important meters on the side of them, so bollards would be placed in front of those to prevent impact.


Anti-ram bollards are often used in places where vehicle attacks would be common. These include banks, jewelry stores, government buildings, etc. While standard steel bollards can protect against vehicles, anti-ram bollards are tested to guarantee that a vehicle will not pass.

Invest in Bollards for Your Property Today

While they may not seem like much, bollards greatly improve the protection of your property. Vehicles provide a great risk to structures and equipment, so bollards will prevent anything from being damaged.

Do yourself a favor and start looking for bollards based on what you need them for. One steel bollard will make a huge difference on your property.

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