bathroom remodel, Clear Signs It’s Time to Consider a Bathroom Remodel
People usually decide to remodel their bathroom when it clearly shows all kinds of deterioration signs while at the same time planning to stay in their home, so they can see their investment come back. Other reasons for remodeling include insufficient space, outdated bathroom furniture and water fixtures, out-of-style tiles and dysfunctionality in any sense. Before you start with the process of remodeling it’s necessary that you decide what you want to achieve in accordance with your budget. All in all, if you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to remodel your bathroom for the sake of functionality, practicality and appeal.

Water Fixtures

bathroom remodel, Clear Signs It’s Time to Consider a Bathroom RemodelIf the water fixtures in your bathroom look old and rusty, it’s definitely time to change them for newer versions. These outdated fixtures usually exhibit some dysfunctionalities in terms of the strength of water pressure, switches and leaks. They tend to spend large amounts of water, especially if a fixture also leaks even when the water is turned off. When remodeling, you can opt for new and modern, eco-friendly showerheads, which save water. They can save up to 2900 gallons of water a year, and hence lessen your water bill on a monthly basis. So, you do not only get a modern bathroom, but you also get a smaller water bill!

Bathroom Furniture

Some of the tips for the best bathroom remodel suggest replacing your old and dingy bathroom furniture for new, modernized one. These include the tub or the shower cabin, the toilet and the washbasin. The same as eco-friendly showerheads, you can switch your old toilet for a new, water-saving one. This small switch can save up to 13000 gallons of water a year. And we all know how important ecological awareness is. If your tub is cracked, clearly, you should buy a new one in order to prevent any further problems it can cause. On the other hand, if you opt for a shower cabin, make sure to put it under a certain angle in order to achieve proper drainage.

bathroom remodel, Clear Signs It’s Time to Consider a Bathroom RemodelWalls and Tiles

Dingy and cracked walls are not a pretty sight. If we notice these things, we should immediately act and improve them. Repairing and repainting the walls is what you should do if your bathroom has some wall parts. Consider making one wall an accent wall to make it stylish and modern. On the other hand, most people have tiles covering their whole bathrooms. If you notice that some pieces of tiles are missing or they keep coming loose, consider choosing new ceramic tiles for your bathroom walls and floors. When choosing the perfect tiles, have in mind the safety in the first place. Many types of ceramic tiles come with safety features, such as being slip-resistant, which is necessary for the specific bathroom conditions. And as far as your shower flooring is concerned, choosing mosaic tiles can be well worth as they provide even more traction, preventing you from slipping.

Moldbathroom remodel, Clear Signs It’s Time to Consider a Bathroom Remodel

Since the bathroom is a room in our house with a high level of humidity, we should take special care of it. Mold can appear in the shower area (or some other parts of our bathroom) and we should deal with it the moment we notice dark shades on our bathroom ceiling or in the corners. You can use bleach to get rid of mild cases of mold, but if your bathroom is properly insulated, you shouldn’t have a mold problem. However, if you face some more serious cases of mold, you should contact professionals to help you deal with the problem since it’s not harmful only for our walls, but for us as well.

Remodeling your bathroom can turn out to be an exhausting, tedious and costly process, but with the help of the right professionals, this whole process can go by without any stress resulting in an amazing bathroom sanctuary worth every penny.

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