The days of love are back, so is the time when you can accumulate encouragement to display feelings of love to the special one. But, like every occasion, this year’s Valentine’s Day will be somewhat different. Due to the ongoing pandemic, lots of restrictions and less traveling can make you feel bored. But now, no more because no other place can give you as tranquillity as your home does.

What you can do is improve your home’s privacy, especially your bedroom, and decorate it for the special day. Is your decor ideas box empty? No worries! Steal these comfy ideas and decorate your bedroom for this Valentine’s Day.

Pick colors:

No matter you want to spend the whole day together or meet for the evening dinner, do not go for pink. It is considered a feminine color, so pick the shade red only. In fact, make a combination like red and white, red and grey, or red and purple. These combinations will upscale your room’s look, making it memorable. Remember, don’t overdo it!

Correct lighting:

Lighting can either make or break the moment. Further, it’s an efficient tool to spice up the romance between the couple. So, keep soft lighting like a chandelier to render vintage effects. Moreover, it’d be one of the inexpensive elements of your bedroom.

Add a personal touch:

On this special day, turn a quiet breeze into a soothing harmony with a personalized wind chime. To make it unique, you can add photos of your togetherness, trips, anniversaries, and birthdays with your partner in the form of memories. Make sure that whichever design you choose matches your theme (i.e., Valentine’s Day).

Heart-shaped candle holder:

Candles have an old relationship with love. It elicits feelings of love and intimacy. Above all, it buries all your stress and forces your eyes to focus on your partner and make memories. Also, nowadays, the heart-shaped candle holder is having a moment. You can place them in the corners of your room for the best effect.

Layer rugs:

Rugs are a great way to add color, texture, and warmth to your bedroom. It doesn’t matter your floor is covered with carpet or hardwood, place rugs. Try placing them in different ways, shapes, and patterns. When shopping the rugs, give the nod to shag rugs. For this occasion, they are the best.

Change the window fabric:

Should you prefer changing the window fabric according to your theme? Of course! But what should you choose – curtains or blinds? That depends upon the location of your house and surroundings. You may not like the fabric to swing with the wind, disrupting your special moment as well as day. Hence, think about these aspects and then decorate your window for your special day.

Satin bedding:

The best of all! The bed plays a pivotal role in the whole décor of your bedroom. Silk and satin will be the perfect fabrics for making your evening comfortable. It will also provide a relaxing and cozy time in bed with your partner. To decorate more, you can add rose petals on it. Rest; you know the colour combination for your fabrics.

Don’t miss the pillows:

Again, silk and satin would be better but if you can’t afford it, then go for sateen. You may not believe that 100% cotton sateen materials can give you the same cozy and luxurious feeling. You do not have to pay big bucks for it; you can say it is the best of two worlds. The more, the merrier! Hence, make a huge pile of fluffy pillows and mix and match them.

Add floral accents:

Flowers will be a gorgeous addition to your bedroom. Without breaking the bank, arrange fresh flowers that will set the mood of your whole decorations. Some beautiful additions could be lotus, orchid, peony, cherry blossoms, and roses (that goes without saying, though). Upholster the walls with botanical fabric, incorporating playful designs and layering shades of green. But before all these, make sure to improve your indoor air quality and make it happier and healthier.

Add a canopy:

It is a sure-shot way to add extra comfort to your evening. Drape a canopy in light textiles either to your bed or separately using a corner. Framing your bed will make it look bigger and render you a comfy feeling all over the room. Pick the white color canopy décor regardless of your theme.


As you can see, here are the quick recipes for making your Valentine’s Day special with your partner. Infuse some or all of them along with sprinkled decorations all over the room. Also, add a magical ingredient to it – soft romantic music and make it more romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day!