Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

More often than not, most homeowners take it upon themselves to design the interior of their houses. The results, of course, tend to be mixed. Some get it right, while others commit interior design mistakes, which tend to be costly.

Interior design may seem like an easy thing to do, but it’s actually nerve-wracking, especially if you know very little about it, but you have to do it anyway. To help you with your interior design confidence, here are some interior design mistakes that you have to avoid.

Designing without planning
In anything that we do, it’s always best to have a plan before diving into it, and interior design is no exception. We’ve heard far too many stories of homeowners having to dump one design element because it didn’t work well with another, and that’s after he or she has already spent some money on both.

Speaking of spending, a budget is always an essential component of any plan. Working on your interior design without a budget to work within will make you prone to overspending. It’s even quite possible that without a budget, you could end up spending more for your interior than you did for your entire house.

Painting before buying furniture, fabrics, and textiles
Painting your walls before putting in furniture, fabrics, and textiles is understandable, that is, if you have already chosen and bought them beforehand. That means you have already made sure the paint will match all that stuff. You will have a tough time finding rugs, curtains, pillows, and upholstery that will match the paint if you haven’t.

Inadequate lighting
Adequate lighting is a must for any home, so if your interior design doesn’t have much in the way of lighting, then you are committing an interior design mistake.

Instead of just putting up overhead lights, why not go for layered lighting? Aside from making the space look good, layered lights provide the area multiple sources of light as well provide your home some depth and dimension.

It’s also smart to make your interior design more accommodating of natural light, which brings a host of benefits. Curtains and accessories should be put in a way that would allow in more sunlight. Putting up mirrors in strategic areas also helps distribute natural light in your home.

Not measuring furniture and spaces
It is not unheard of for someone to fall in love with a piece of furniture and buying it impulsively, only to return it because it wouldn’t fit through the door, or the space is simply too small for it.
There’s nothing wrong with buying oversized furniture, but you just have to make sure your place can accommodate it. Also, you must remember that massive furniture in small spaces will make the area look and feel smaller.

Keeping heirlooms around
Heirlooms are great, but if they no longer blend with the interior design you have in mind, the only thing to do would be to let it go. A grandfather clock that’s been in your family for generations, for example, would stick out like a sore thumb if your interior design is going for a more modern look.
Letting go of heirlooms is hard, but if you’re serious about achieving a certain look and feel that that grandfather clock will never be able to complement, you should steel yourself and make the tough decision of letting it go.

Not seeking advice
Let’s say that you have a knack for interior design, and you have decided that you will do the interior of your house yourself. That’s all good, but no matter how good you think you are, you will always be too close to your work. That means you could be committing interior design mistakes yet fail to notice them.
More often than not, it’s always best to ask the opinion of someone else, like a close friend who shares some of your tastes and preferences. Better yet, talk to a real interior designer who knows the field like the back of his or her hand. There are interior designers who charge by the hour. They should be able to spot any mistake you might have committed, and give you ideas on how to rectify them.

About The Author
Anita Lang is an interior designer and the founder of IMI Design, the leading luxury interior design company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She and her team craft spaces that combine luxury lifestyle and beautiful design.