If you’re looking to add on to your home and create more usable space, converting your garage may be an excellent option. Depending on how you’d like to transform your garage, the cost can be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, space’s potential is practically limitless as long as you let your creativity lead you.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your garage conversion.

1. Game Room
If you want a game room but don’t have space inside your home, the garage may be an ideal place. Turn the area into an entertainment paradise, complete with pinball machines, a foosball or pool table and any other games you’d like to include.
If you have enough room after bringing in the games and card table, consider installing a minibar with stools along one of the walls.

2. Art Studio
While a game room might sound great to dad and the kids, mom might prefer to turn the space into a craft or art studio. Of course, the more windows in the garage, the better. However, you can likely make do with some bright lamps as well.

Lay down some rugs to make the space more comfortable and bring in some furniture to keep the renovation low-cost. Of course, paint the walls a nice, lively color to inspire your creativity, too.

3. Office
You might also turn your garage into a home office, especially if you don’t already have a designated workspace within your home.
If you plan to use it as a place to meet with clients or employees, put some time into carpeting and painting the interior, adding extra chairs here and there to make it welcoming. If you’re the only one using the space, feel free to decorate it however you please.

4. Home Gym
If you already have all of the above in your house or have no use for offices or game rooms, you might consider turning the garage into a private workout area. Then, you won’t have any excuse not to go to the gym!

Put in some shock-absorbent flooring to protect your joints and add a wall rack to hang your equipment and weights. Additionally, insulate the room to keep it warm in the winter and consider installing some sort of cooling system for the hotter months.

5. Flexible Dwelling Space
Another creative way to convert your garage is to turn it into an extra bedroom. To take this idea even further, install a bathroom and rent out the space as an Airbnb.

Additionally, if you need the parking space but still want an extra bedroom, you could add a story above the garage to create a dwelling space. This area may not be ideal for renting it out, but a new story might make a great guest room.

6. Play Space
Are the kids’ toys scattered about the living room 24/7? Consider transforming the garage into a play space. Move the toy baskets, stuffed animals, games, hoverboards and other items into the garage and lay down some foam tiles or rugs to make the floor a more comfortable place for little ones. Install toddler swings to a stable support beam and experiment with messier playthings like sandboxes and paints.

7. Workshop
Garages are for storing things — from cars to tools. Therefore, converting yours into a workshop won’t take much work. Add a pegboard to store smaller items and take advantage of overhead space by installing shelves and cabinets to store paint, nails and other essentials.
Make sure all electrical outlets are in reach — and that there are enough of them! You don’t want to constantly decide between running your drill press and charging a battery. Bring in an electrician to help install more if there aren’t enough.

8. Breezy Dining Area
Set up a picnic table in your garage — and maybe even a fridge — for breezy summer dinners. This solution is perfect if you don’t have a patio or an outdoor space for grilling and dining outside.
During the warmer months, fire up the grill in the driveway or side yard. Then, open the garage door and host your own family picnic. You might also store all your summer yard games, like cornhole and ladder toss, in the garage so you can play all year long.

How to Use Extra Garage Space
You can do much more with your garage than park a few cars inside. With the creative ideas above, from a game room to a play area, you can transform the space into one of your dreams.

Holly Welles is the editor of The Estate Update and writes home improvement pieces to help readers figure out what to do with their living spaces. You can find more of her advice by following her on Twitter @HollyAWelles.