Concrete happens to be one of the most durable construction materials out there. It offers superior resistance to fire, extreme weather conditions, and pests. Structures built from concrete are made to last. They are strong and sturdy but there comes a time when they wither and crack. It takes years for the concrete to be damaged beyond repair.

Being a property owner it often becomes difficult to choose between concrete repair and replacement. After all, concrete replacement is an expensive endeavor. You can always consult a construction professional to get accurate answers for your particular property.

This post is for those who want to weigh the pros and cons of both options on their own. Following are some crucial facts to consider before deciding between a residential concrete repair and replacement.

The Age of Concrete

Whether the concrete in question is installed at a residential or commercial property, age is the most determining factor to consider. According to Angie’s List notes, the expected life expectancy of concrete floors is 25 years. If your floors are any older than that, repairing them won’t be enough. One may be able to get away with minor repairs temporarily but sooner or later, the entire floor needs to be replaced.

Is It Possible To Restore The Integrity?

There was a time when a concrete replacement was the only viable option. Technology has changed our options when it comes to concrete and is continuously evolving. Before you opt for cheaper yet effective repair methods, check if it’s possible to restore the integrity of the floor. Know that fixing a few patches of the concrete is not enough but you need to consider the overall integrity.

Extent of Damage

If you are dealing with concrete damages on a recently installed floor, check the extent of the damage. If there are series of large cracks that need more than two inches of material to be fixed, replacement is due. This indicates a problem beneath the base of the concrete floor. When the base is not holding up properly, repairs are futile. Fix the underlying fault of the floors and pour anew.

Choice of repair and replacement vary from case to case but if you see signs of delamination such as worn or chipped surface, residential concrete repair is a better option.

If you see exposed aggregate on the concrete structure, also known as spelling, go for concrete replacement.

Cause of Concrete Damage

Several factors contribute to concrete damage over time. Ground settlement and seismic tremors can cause physical or structural damages. The damages may be due to expansion and contraction caused by fluctuating temperatures.

At times corrosion of reinforcement can cause cracks in concrete. The best approach is to hire concrete slab scanning services and pick up on issues early. In such cases search for “concrete repair companies near me” and hire the best one out there.

In cases when the concrete damages are worsening due to poor installation, don’t waste your money on repairs.

Aesthetic Appeal Concerns

Some of us are more concerned about the aesthetic appeal than others. Although technology has improved the concrete repair methods and drying times, the patchwork can leave your floors to be less beautiful.

If the cracks and holes are in the basement or hidden parts of your house, repairs can help you save money. When the repairs are a direct threat to the curb appeal of your house, take no risks and opt for replacement.

Professional Competence of the Contractor

Poor installation and incompetence of a concrete repair contractor can cost you a lot more than you ever anticipated. That’s because you will be dealing with recurring damages. Concrete repair is a tricky business and requires industry expertise. If you want to save money on repairs, make sure the contractor is skilled enough to handle the work.

Are you unable to find a qualified contractor for repairs? Opt for replacement instead of wasting money on blotchy patchwork.

Budget Limitations

The cost factor can limit your options. Concrete repair is almost always less expensive than replacements. If you have got a limited budget, set aside the aesthetic appeal concerns and go for repairs. It’s far better than leaving the damages. Delaying repairs can worsen the cracks and spalling leaving repairs no longer an option.

When budget is not your concern, weigh the factors mentioned above. Concrete replacement is a cost-effective option when you are dealing with old and worn-out floors.

Do You Want To Replace The Material?

If you want to replace the flooring material, it’s imperative to strip down the existing concrete floors.

Search for concrete repair companies near me in order to find some of the best service providers around yourself. Also, it is important to verify legal compliance and professional competence.

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