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When you’re replacing your front door or choosing one for your house, you may already have a vision in mind. However, you might be shopping around to find the best fit for your home. Designing a front door offers many options to make your entryway mesh with your home’s needs and your design style. From the aesthetics to the functionality, there are plenty of ways to get creative and personal.

Before you start on your design, it could serve you well to compile a list of important traits for the face of your home. Find some inspiration for your front door design that really piques your interest. When you know what you want, it’s much easier to start looking.

  • 1. Style

When it comes to style, there are various options to entertain. Think about the color, style and materials of your home’s exterior and consider what designs will go well with it — or perhaps bring something new and different. If your home is more modern and sleek, a simple door without too many shapes and details could work best. However, if your home is more vintage and classic, you can go for a heavier, grander front door design.

Think about if you’d like more light in your front hallway or if double doors sound appealing to you. Consider options such as sliding doors, French doors or asymmetrical shapes. Do you want your entryway to be a statement piece in your home’s design, or do you want it to blend in? These are all details that can guide you in your design process.

  • 2. Security

Safety and security are vital parts of designing a front door. Some of the basics of securing your door come during the design process, while others will arise during the installation after you pick an appropriate door. Using a deadbolt is one of the most secure measures you can take to protect your home, and if your door doesn’t have one, you should install one right away.

Another way to ensure your entrance is safe and secure is to be intentional about all the other parts of its structure besides the lock. From the hinges to the screws, every part of the door is crucial. Many features like security bars and strike plate locks are available to use, so you can choose what feels right for you.

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  • 3. Frequency of Use

One important thing to consider about your front door is how much you use it. If your family is more of a garage door crew, you might focus more on your front entry’s aesthetics than the functionality. However, if you’re constantly passing through at all hours of the day, it might be a good idea to incorporate some ease into your design.

If your family uses the back door or the garage door more often, you may want to look into devoting some energy into those spaces, too. This is especially true if you notice they need more updates than your front entryway.

  • 4. Color

One of the most fun parts of the design process is picking the color, which can be wonderful if you have a specific vision. If you don’t, though, you could be swimming in paint swatches and totally lost. Start by looking around your neighborhood or on the internet for inspiration. What kinds of front door hues really catch your eye? You can even draw ideas from colors around your home, like your beloved plants that line the walkway or that dashing tone you can’t get enough of on the shutters.

Decide if you want to go bright and bold or blend the shades out for a bit more subtlety. Think about the mood you’re looking to create. For example, red is known to be inviting and enlivening, whereas beige and off-white tend to be more calming. It’s all up to you and your design preferences.

  • 5. Budget

Simply put, you have to work within the confines of your budget. Don’t shop around for things that exceed it when you know you don’t have room to stretch. If you’re thinking about where to devote resources, it’s always smart to think about function before aesthetics. Go for the practical elements like safety, structure and proper locks before you think about the visual appeal.

Of course, while the visual appeal is essential to a home, the practical elements are the foundation your house is built upon. Once you have all that down, you can finally talk about color and details.

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  • Finding Your Style

No matter what you choose, finding a front door design that works for your home and your family is the most important thing. Once you’ve got that down, you’re set.

– This is a guest post not written by this websites’ owner.