Designing the perfect home is all about careful planning and precise implementation of the right ideas.” – Norman Foster

Building a dream house is not an easy task. Space and fund aside, creativity plays a unique role in creating a stunning visual masterpiece that is also very comfortable and homely.

Many experts say that a beautiful home with a large open space is never complete unless it has a deck and an outdoor hot tub. However, deciding for a deck and hot tub can never be a spur of the moment decision.

After all, who would not want to enjoy some peaceful time hanging outdoor or spending some time relaxing at an outdoor tub? But building a deck and outdoor pool requires some very detailed research.

Some of the essential key factors one must keep in mind to know about beforehand includes –

  • A detailed study of the structural support system of the home

Decks are not meant to be lightweight. Nor are the hot tubs. They not only have to be weather resistant but also resistant to regular outdoor wear and tear. It is essential to know in detail about the core structure or foundation of the property before proceeding with the built.

The presence of underlying concrete slabs is considered as optimal for any hot tub built.

Similarly, a flat terrain with a good soil base is essential for the Deck built. Most often, the hot tubs are made around or beside the Deck. However, careful consideration of the floor is necessary if the tub is being built on the Deck directly.

In addition to the dry weight and size of the tub, the water capacity and its importance should also be a deciding factor for hot tub installation.

  • Investment plans dedicated to building a deck and outdoor hot tub.

Budget is one of the critical factors too. The deck and Hot tub are both expensive additions. The cost often varies depending on numerous factors like

  1. Deck coverage area
  2. Tub size and Quality
  3. Deck material
  4. Foundation preparations

Sometimes the overall budget can be alarmingly high and almost impossible to afford. In such cases, one can cut down the overall cost by installing Inflatable hot tubs. They are cheap and an excellent alternative for smaller space.

The majority of the highly-rated Inflatable hot tub reviews stress on the space-saving and lightweight feature they are known for. Easy to collapse and fold, these inflatable hot tubs can be carried and set up on any sizeable flat terrain without much trouble.

  • Tree Coverage and intensity of the Sunrays

Sunbathing may look very relaxing and picturesque in films and photos, but the reality is not the same. Sun burn does not take very long to happen, especially if you are in the water. Both the Deck and hot tub should have enough coverage to balance optimal Sunray intensity and enough tree shade for the coolant effect.

Strategic placement of the Deck and tub close to natural Tree shade increases the comfort level to a greater extent. Trees and Vegetation create a natural privacy barricade and decrease the ray intensity, thus making the surrounding area a few degree cooler.

  • Distance from the pool to the door leading to the home interior.

On a chilled winter night, no one likes to get out of the hot tub and immediately be frozen by the chilled blowing winds. So, it is always important to place the hot tub in a strategic location that is closest to a door leading inwards.

The Deck also should be designed in such a manner that one can immediately place their feet on the smooth deck surface while stepping out of the tub. Walking barefoot on gravel and uneven surface to reach indoor or the Deck is not an ideal scenario.

If needed, the Deck should be custom-designed to reach up to the hot tub, in case it is located slightly afar from the main home.

  • Ease of accessibility to the circuit and motor supply of the hot tub

Even the hot tub can need inspection or repair once in a while. Clogged or frozen waterpipes aside, the circuits leading to hot and cold water units can develop issues if not maintained and serviced regularly.

It is vital to have a makeshift design that allows easy access into the circuit and pipeline areas in and around the hot tub with the minimal required effort.

  • Drainage implementation ideas

No one likes to see a murky and completely wet hot tub surrounding. In addition to being a breeding ground for harmful gases and germs, it is also very unappealing to look at.

Drainage is an essential factor that many neglect. Connecting the hot tub with the main drainage output is the best solution. In case that is not possible, one must make sure to implement specific design changes to create a proper drainage outlet for the hot hub.

  • Permission requirements from local authorities and traffic flow

Every state or nation has a definite set of House regulations that one needs to check before including a hot tub and Deck in the housing design. Unless proper permissions and clear yes is not available, one should not opt for constructing them.

Also, it is always best to add a hot tub in the direction that is away from traffic, to keep out of prying eyes.

Deck and hot tub increase the beauty and valuation of any property for sure. However, small mistakes can cause more trouble than it is worth—that’s why it is essential to know all the details well before implementing the idea in your design.