Taking the time to redesign the style of your home is never easy. However, if you’re either planning a substantial update or a massive remodel to your home, now’s the perfect time to consider changing its décor. We’re sure you already have an idea or two in mind, but considering various possibilities is not a bad idea. You never know what you might find. So without further ado, here’s our list of some décor themes you should look into using for your home.


If your home already has some exposed bricks, then an easy theme to try out is an industrial one. Its focus is on showing off mechanical or stripped-back features while maintaining a minimalist feel. That means a lot of wood and metal will be on display throughout your home. As a result, an industrial them might make it a little less child friendly, which will be a concern if you still have little ones around the house. However, it certainly makes a statement that you should consider, especially if you don’t have young kids.


If you enjoy some of those ideas but want something that feels a little homier, then the rustic style might be for you. This décor type also uses lots of wood and brick with occasional metal accents. If you’ve always considered yourself to be a country-dweller at heart, you should definitely consider this theme. It can sometimes be challenging to know where to start with this one, but there are many ways to make your home feel more rustic little by little.


Sometimes, people just want your home to feel like an oasis. If that sounds like something that appeals to you, you might want to try out the coastal theme. Adding objects like ropes, seashells, and oceanic plants can go a long way in turning your home into a coastline property. Combine that with lighter hues mixed in with white, and you’ll feel just as relaxed as you do on the beach.


If the coastal theme can’t seem to bring you the relaxed feeling you’re searching for, then a zen look might be the answer for you. This is another décor style that heavily uses the idea of minimalism to define itself. On top of that, it has a nature-based color scheme, which is just the thing many people need to achieve a more tranquil atmosphere.


For those who don’t already know, vintage furniture has been making a comeback in recent years. That means that now is the perfect time to go for an entire vintage theme for your home. If you’re really into saving the planet, this is the style for you. So many people are fixing up old furniture for resale that you shouldn’t have any issue finding the pieces you need.


In the end, if none of the décor themes you’ve looked into for your home seem to be the right fit, you can try combining a few of them. This practice is called eclectic decorating. Finding styles that mesh well together can be challenging, but if you pick out ones that use similar color schemes, you shouldn’t have an issue turning your home into an aesthetically pleasing mash-up of themes.