If you are lucky enough to have space in your home to design your own man cave, then there are some basic dos and don’ts that you should bear in mind. If you plan out your space and only fill it with things you need, you should be able to design the ultimate man cave. Here is our quick guide.

Find Your Center
The most important spot in your man cave is where you will sit. It might not be in the dead center in the space, but it will be the location where everything else flows from.
Work out where you want to sit and use this location to plot out where you want to put everything else your man cave is going to need. You want important things like refreshments in easy reach. If you have your chair chosen, you might want to make this your first purchase, so you can get the placement right and start planning from there. If you already have your perfect perch ready to go, get it in place to help you decide where to put the rest of your things. The best man caves start with a long sit down and some thinking.

Beverages, Snacks, and Amenities
With the seat in the right spot in your man cave, beverages and snacks are your next priority. You want to have easy access to your favorite drinks and food. Ideally, you don’t want to have to get out of your chair.
A great solution is a small refrigerator or mini-fridge that can sit next to your chair keeping sodas, beers, and some snacks in super-easy reach. You can use the top of the appliance as a chairside table, giving you a place to put things. If you need to buy a new fridge to suit your room, look for something that is low-noise, so it doesn’t disturb you when you are watching the game.

Don’t Stay Sat – Get Active
No man cave is complete without some fun, and games to play with your buddies. Darts and a dartboard are a popular choice for a man cave, as they don’t take up much space and are fun to play on your own and with friends.

If you have other hobbies or sports you like to play, this is an opportunity to find some space for them too. Golf is a great sport, and you can get a golfing simulator that doesn’t take up much space and can help you improve your game, whatever the weather. They are even fun for competitive play against your friends. You can complete the look with a small patch of plastic grass to make the simulator even more immersive.

Sound and Vision
Entertainment is one of the most important parts of a man cave. You are going to need a few electronic additions to your space to make sure you don’t run out of things to do.

Bluetooth speakers are the perfect music solution, allowing you to stream music from your phone and streaming apps. No man cave is complete without a television either. It can be tempting to save some money by making use of an old or second-hand TV, but if you get yourself something new and more capable you can save yourself space and some headaches.

Smart TVs have apps and internet browsing built into their software, cutting down on the number of devices you need in your man cave and the number of power outlets. This cuts down on clutter and gives you an excuse to treat yourself to something new!
With the right planning and preparation, the ultimate man cave can be yours! Don’t overcomplicate matters with too many devices, and make sure you have everything you need to keep you happy and active.

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