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With so many window shading and drapery options available in the market, it’s easy to get confused. Before you take a final call, be sure that you know about your window style and personal preferences. Do not rush through a home remodeling project.

You can imagine the exact look and feel you want to create after understanding the structure of your window.

Whether you are looking for elegant draperies, simple curtains, or colored roman shades, the following list of dining room shading & drapery inspiration ideas will help you make the right choice.

  1. Cornice and Woven Blinds

For minimal elegance in your dining room, consider installing cornice and woven blinds.

These blinds elegantly reflect the pattern and color of your dining set while providing interesting architectural elements into the interior.

  1. Roman Shades

Roman shade in gentle blue and white patterns can create an inviting ambiance within the dining area.

It also helps in giving a stylish yet casual vibe without any extra fabric hanging around.

It’s just perfect to add an element of interest to your dining space without dominating the whole interior.

balloon shade

  1. Woven Blinds and Draperies

When you pair woven blinds with simple draperies, it can soften any harsh lines of the window treatment.

You may even pair your woven blinds with some other treatments to achieve the required balance. However, you may even use it alone for a simple but stylish design.

  1. Balloon Shade

Sumptuous balloon shades on dining room windows are ideal for creating dramatic and romantic appeal.

As shown in the picture, you may either consider balloon drapes in a similar tone as that of the dining furniture or opt for elegant patterns to complement the rest of the interior.

  1. Billowy Swags

If you want to add a luxurious vibe to your traditional dining room, consider adding stylish billowy swags. These look great in natural daylight and blend well with stylish upholstery in a space. And, the flowing fabric seems to blend with the rest of the interior without looking overwhelming.

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  1. Drapery in Calming Color

You may choose drapery in calming color, like teal, sea green, etc., to give a relaxing and inviting look to your dining room. The vertical bands command eyes to the height of your room while breaking the color of a wall in an interesting way.

  1. Capiz Shells as Curtains

Do you want to create marine vibes in your dining room?

You may consider capiz shells as curtains to add a fantastic glow into your room.

roman shade

  1. Dark Gray or Black Curtains

Don’t like the usual light-colored curtains? Don’t worry; you can add some drama with dark gray or black curtains. It helps create instant depth within the interior.

  1. Asymmetrical

Do you want your windows to look unique? You may try installing such an asymmetrical wooden window treatment to add an exquisite touch to the interior while making the windows a bit more interesting.

  1. A Touch of Pink

For adding a glamorous and somewhat feminine look to your dining room, you may go for a light pink window treatment.

It also helps in creating a feeling of calmness within the given space.

louvered shutters

  1. Louvered Shutters

The louvered shutters are perfect for giving casual appeal to your dining room. If you don’t like too much fabric in a room, invest in louvered shutters for a sophisticated look. This simple yet elegant window treatment will not disappoint you for sure.

  1. Prouve-Inspired Shutters

Prouve-inspired shutters are a great choice if you want to dress up your dining windows. This style is unique and also adds fresh, fun, and modern appeal to the interior.

  1. Grills on Dining Room Windows

Since patterned grills don’t require further treatment, it is the easiest way to style your dining room windows. Moreover, it looks like a beautiful art piece on its own.

  1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains in the dining room are great for bringing in natural daylight while protecting the furniture and other furnishings from direct harsh sunlight. These curtains are amazing for adding a modern and sleek vibe into a contemporary dining room.

  1. Modern Drapery

Modern drapery style, as shown in the picture, is ideal for any minimalist yet stylish interior. This elegant drapery can easily make your dining space a chic treat without much effort.

woven blinnds

  1. Layering 

Layering your dining room windows helps in creating a formal setting. It looks more textured and adds a rich visual appeal. It’s great for creating traditional style interior decor.

  1. Neutral Drapery

You may choose neutral drapery for your dining room for a soothing and relaxing feel. This color pallet complements any interior design without making it dull or boring. Moreover, neutral tones are always on-trend. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

  1. Simple Swag

The sway drapery looks flowy and attractive. It can instantly draw the attention of anyone.

  1. Pleated Panels

Pleated curtains in the dining room are among the classic style window treatments. These are also ideal for achieving a sophisticated appeal in a space.

  1. Tab Top with Tied Drapery

Choosing a tab-top with ties drapery is ideal for creating cottage and rustic appearance. Its rich texture adds intimacy and elegance to the room while the sheerness helps in welcoming the daylight. It is also great for showcasing striking fabric prints within the dining room.

Final Words

It’s always fun to design a dining room. But when the interior is complemented with stylish window treatments – be it roman shades, cornices, valances, or simple curtains – it takes the interior to another level.

While shades and valances are good for adding architectural interest, hue, and pattern to a given space, curtain and drapery provide more light control and coverage. You may even conceal certain flaws in the interior with appropriate drapery and shading. Meanwhile, it is easier to accentuate the interesting points of a dining room.

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Michelle is an interior designer at Westlake Village Upholstery and Drapery with over 20 years of experience in fabric and custom window treatments. She offers clients in Southern California a new experience in traditional and modern design.