Easy Ways To Update Your Home

No one wants to live in an outdated home. From butcher block counters or questionable wallpaper, having an outdated home makes a space feel, old, tired and dingy.

Home renovations are scary for most homeowners. Thankfully updating these rooms in a home doesn’t have to be complicated. These quick ideas for updating your home will make it feel like new.

Having a home that is updated not only makes it look better, but it makes you and your guests feel more comfortable! Be the envy of the block with these fast updates to these rooms!

Update Your Bathroom

Bathrooms, one of the most important rooms in a home, is an easy room to update, and something you will appreciate every day!

Having an updated bathroom is the perfect combination of fashion and function. With easy chic updates, you can have your bathroom looking brand new.

While bathrooms may not be the number #1 priority for homebuyers, having a polished bathroom is a great selling point. Hard money lenders in Arizona say that bathroom layout and function is one of the top repairs of house flippers.

Updating your bathroom is actually very easy, and less expensive compared to other rooms of the house.

A minor bathroom rehab can include the following: replacing mirrors, new coats of paint, updating finishes, vanities, and lighting.

Adding a fresh coat of paint in a bathroom, especially a bright white, or light gray is a great way to make your space trendier without any major renovations.

You can also include a frame around existing bathroom mirrors to cover chips and cracks and a sleeker finish. Replacing outdated light fixtures with bright white lights will also make a drastic improvement to the bathroom as well.

For more intensive bathroom updates, such as replacing showers, tilework and new counters or floors, you can see a dramatic change, but always consult an expert before you start.

Update Your Kitchen

When picking rooms to remodel, almost every homeowner will shout the kitchen!

Updating and remodeling your kitchen can be a big undertaking. For a modern look, you will want to think clean and simple, which makes updating your space easy!

Private money lenders in Arizona suggest that for the small kitchen update, replace cabinet hardware, a fresh coat of paint for walls and cupboards, and replace your countertop.

Adding some trim can also pull the kitchen together as well. As for updating the cupboards, replacing handles, adding rollers, just making sure they are aligned properly can go a long way!

Adding or replacing lights in your kitchen goes a long way. Replace yellow and dingy lights for bright whites for a more modern flair in your kitchen.

Wood countertops are a thing of the past with either real or fake stone being the number choice for counter replacements.

If possible, maximize counter space and convert a freestanding wall into an island. Don’t neglect to update storage spaces by upgrading shelves or even consider wire racks.

The kitchen is one of the most home repairs you can make to a home, so make sure to do it right by going for a modern clean look.

You can also make your kitchen feel larger by using the right paint colors. Light colors, such as whites, grays, and pastels are bound to compliment your kitchen well and make your space seem larger.

Update Your Bedroom

Updating your bedroom is an easy, and fast way to transform how you feel about your home.

Quick updates to your bedroom will make your bedrooms feel more inviting and comfortable.

Paint goes a long way when updating a home, and the bedroom is no exception. While light colors can make a room feel airier and lighter, cool tones, such as navy, are a welcome addition in a bedroom for more dramatic flair. When deciding between light and dark tones, it’s important to check your light. Are you looking for a study area for that is perfect for book reading, or for a comforting deep sleep? Light tones will make perfect additions for study spaces, while dark tones will make a room feel smaller. You can also add mirrors to your bedroom to make it look larger!

Textures and pops of color, go a long way when you are updating your space. Mixing dark walls with light and bright accessories can truly create a captivating space. Light carpet or floors pair beautifully with dark walls.

You can mix-match textures with headboards, nightstands, and lights. A faux white fur rug and white sheer curtains can add some drama to your room in a way that keeps it simple and not too romantic.

Using abstract prints will help your bedroom look more modern and is an easy way to add some dimension to your updated bedroom.

By simply pairing paint colors, floors, and decorations, your bedroom will feel like an entirely new space!


Updating your home can be nerve-racking for homeowners. Not only do most home renovations cost a lot of money, and takes too long, but can be hard to know if you will like the space once it is updated. Thankfully updating your home doesn’t have to be costly, or time-consuming. These updates are fast, easy, and will make your home look great!

  • Bathroom: Make your bathroom feel like a spa with these quick updates: Adding new coats of paint, updating finishes, and adding bright lighting.
  • Kitchen: New countertops, paint, and hardware will make your kitchen look so much fresher! Update your storage spaces for a cleaner and easier layout for your kitchen.
  • Bedroom: Experiment with dark colors, decorations, and textures. Always make sure you optimize your space for a clean minimalist look.

Have you updated your home?

About the Author: Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor of Advertising, with a specialization in Graphic Design. She is a content marketer for business, mortgage, and real estate industries. She currently writes and reports for Prime Plus Mortgages – Hard Money Lenders Phoenix.