A House is a great asset for people, and they may either construct it or buy a new one. When buying a house, various types of inspections are needed, and pest inspection is one of them. You can also go for such an inspection if you suspect an infestation in your house and you want to identify and get rid of it. Many kinds of pests can enter the house like rodents, spider, termites, and many more. The buyer or the owner has to hire a pest inspector who performs the task of pest inspection. People should know various things about the inspection, which are as follows.

Activities of Termites

Termite activities can be determined seeing a pile made up of brownish mud. If the doors are made up of wood, they also get sagged and can be easily broken. The paint or plaster of the doors also cracks. Termites also eat up the wire, which can either lead to short circuit or power failure. Pest inspection should be done to check all these activities.

Equipment Used by Pest Inspector

A pest inspector has to bring many tools with him, so that he can check everything inside and outside the house. The equipment carried by the inspector for pest inspection includes thermal image camera, binoculars, ladder, torch, knife, magnifying glass, compass, etc. They can also carry other equipment as per the requirement and type of infestation.

looking for termites

Areas to Be Inspected

The inspector has to inspect the whole house both inside and outside. There are certain areas that are to be inspected, and these include the basement, roof, fences, garden, and other areas. If any signs of infestation are visible, the inspector should inspect them too.

Signs to Look For

The inspector should look for any signs that can let them know if there are pests or rodents in the house. For instance, presence of termites can be guessed if their nest is found. If any wooden structure is damaged, this can also indicate the presence of termites. Hidden damages caused by pests cannot be easily seen, but visible things can tell about pest infestation, which has to be removed without delay.

Type of Pest Damage

Many kinds of damages can be seen by the inspector, and these include damage done to the house structures like furniture, door, roof, and others. Pests may also attack clothes and other materials that come in their way. If there is a pest infestation, it can be assumed that they are coming from a source in or nearby the house. Such a source has to be identified and treated or can be removed in order to stop the infestation.


Treatment Options

Various types of treatments can be done if pests are found inside or outside the house. Chemical treatment is the option that people usually choose, as it is the fastest option to eradicate the infestation. Besides chemicals, many types of sprays have also been made which can be used for killing the insects. The sprays can have mild or no odor, and they should be non-toxic so that they are safe for the elderly and the children. If the non-toxic product is being used, the residents need not vacate the house and the treatment can be done easily. If the presence of pests is determined under the floor, the chemical can be injected after drilling a hole. So, talk to your pest inspection team and know your treatment options.

Wrapping Up

A pest control team inspects each portion of the house and checks the presence of various kinds of pests that are in the house or can enter the house. The inspector uses many kinds of tools for pest inspection so that such things can be determined easily. In case termite or other pest is found in or around your house, it can be treated with various types of chemicals to make the house free from pests.

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