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One of the top complaints homeowners cite is a lack of sufficient storage space. That being said, you may have more room than you think if you make the most of your available closets.

So how can you go about increasing your closet space? You don’t need to hire a professional organizer. With a few tools and a little ingenuity, you can make a place to stash your collection of Father’s Day ties or designer handbags. Consider these five changes. 

Start With a Thorough Cleanout

The first step to expanding your closet space involves performing a thorough spring cleaning. Take everything out of your closet down to the last stray sock. As you systematically remove items, sort them into three piles — to sell, donate or upcycle.

You can sometimes fetch a pretty penny for designer duds on resale apps that connect you with buyers. Stop clinging to your old prom gown and sell it for cold, hard cash that you can use for building materials. You can donate gently used items without much resale value to thrift stores and upcycle old T-shirts into cleaning rags.

Once you make room for only the clothes you need, you won’t rumple your work outfits by cramming them onto overloaded closet rods. You can make even more space by donating your ironing board. Instead, use an alternative means to de-wrinkle your suit, like hanging it in the bathroom before taking a hot shower.

Add Nook Shelves

If you have a long and narrow closet, you probably have space at one or both ends that extend beyond the doors. Use these spaces to build shelves for holding your hats, handbags and other bulky items that take up too much room when hanging.

Take measurements before you stock up on brackets and wood. If you have specialty items, such as designer luggage, build at least one shelf that’s tall enough to hold it. You can also create narrow spaces for tucking rolled-up belts and ties.

Remember the value of baskets when it comes to smaller items like underwear and socks. You can find stylish-looking woven containers at discount stores and use them to keep frequently mismatched items organized.

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Double Your Rod Space

If you only have one rod in your closet, chances are good you don’t have enough floor-length attire to take up the entire closet. You can double-up and hang your blouses above skirts and shorts by installing a secondary rod. It doesn’t have to go the whole span of the first.

You’ll need a length of chain, a rod and a way to attach it, such as a ring bolt. Loop the strand around the top rod of your closet and let the secondary one dangle below. You can adjust the length as you change your seasonal wardrobe.

Build Under-Clothes Storage

You probably have at least a few inches available under your clothes, but if you line up your stilettos from one end of your closet to the other, you waste a ton of space. Instead, build a shoe rack where you can double- or triple-stack your dog covers without warping them out of shape or scuffing them.

One inexpensive way to make use of this area is to line a large box with empty toilet paper rolls. You may need to trim down the cardboard to make it fit. Each cranny becomes a holder for a pair of socks or a necktie.

You can also invest in narrow plastic storage containers with lids. You can vacuum-seal your winter sweaters and tuck them away within until the blizzards begin howling outside again.

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Use Your Vertical Space

Finally, stand in your closet and look at the space above the door. You may be able to fit another shelf there. If so, get your brackets and begin construction. Another option for using this space is to install a row of coat hooks where you can hang hats and handbags.

Do you have a ton of luggage? If so, why not use them to store household items that you rarely use and then place them in an above-the-door shelf? Since you only use them infrequently, you won’t strain often getting them down.

Another idea for expanding closet space is suspending hooks and racks from your ceiling. A metal basket rack can also serve as a hanging place for scarves or costume jewelry. You can also hang containers and use them to hold sundries like shades and flip-flops.

When Expanding Your Closet Space, Use These 5 Tips

Instead of complaining about your lack of storage space, why not make the most of the room you have? Use the five tips above for increasing your closet space and clearing the clutter.

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