The table covers are used for covering your tables to protect them from potential damages and scratches. Patio tables are covered to protect them against dust, wind, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. However, often covers are used as ornamental pieces to uplift the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoors. They provide an opportunity to infuse some style, colors, and vibrancy into your outdoor ambiance.

A wide selection of fabrics is available today for your table covers and they are spandex, vinyl, cotton, organza, linen, silk, polyester, etc. But the choice of table cover fabrics depends primarily upon the precise purpose of using the cover. Each table cover material boasts of several benefits and has some drawbacks as well. Here are some table cover fabrics that have achieved phenomenal popularity.

As per, whether you want an outdoor fabric for reupholstering your patio furniture or just for making a patio cushion, the project would be requiring materials that are manufactured precisely for outdoor use. Instead of choosing a material intuitively, you should do ample research for figuring out exactly what your fabrics are right for your outdoor furniture covers including your garden table covers.


Cotton covers are a great option for everyday indoor use. If you are having an informal dining room or an eat-in kitchen, cotton covers can give you unbeatable comfort. However, cotton covers for your patio furniture may look cool and cozy during the summer days but are not quite suitable for use during the rainy season or when it is snowy. They are not water-resistant and so they would get wet and the furniture would become damp.

Cotton table covers are affordable and readily available. However, when exposed over a prolonged time, cotton covers would lose their color due to fading. Moisture may end up deteriorating it is color and cause molding. They are supposed to be machine washable and even cleaned using a damp rag or cloth. Cotton fabric can get wrinkled. They are quite absorbent and good for soaking up all sorts of spills.


Burlap is another popular fabric for table covers as the material is eco-friendly and 100 percent biodegradable. Burlap is manufactured from the jute plant’s skin. It is referred to as rustic chic and has gained immense popularity as a material for table covers. They can be dyed in a host of bright and vibrant colors. They are quite popular with wedding planners.


Silk is a high gloss texture that can be made either from silk or engineered materials like polyester. The most broadly accessible silk is produced using polyester and is very costly. Despite the fact that glossy silk is strong it is encouraged to wash it on a fragile cycle to keep up its look. The reflexive texture emanates and mirrors the light flawlessly, and makes a sentimental, exquisite vibe. That is the reason the texture is viewed as generally appropriate for weddings and occasions.

Plastic sap 

What about acquiring a beautiful look for your gallery? Consider man-made engineered materials, for example, plastic pitch to accomplish a perky look, similarly as in this picture. This material is light in weight, stain-safe, UV-safe, upkeep free and impervious to form or mold. It is moderate, can be stacked, and can undoubtedly be formed into any shape or size. Plastic sap can be made to repeat wood, wicker, etc, however, the material isn’t as tough as steel, aluminum, or iron furnishings.


Polyester table covers are durable and water-resistant. The synthetic material is great for offering resistance to wrinkles and stains. Polyester table covers seem to be the best bet just right for any sort of outdoor sitting arrangement, where possibilities of accidents and spilling seem to be pretty high.


The hazy organza is known for its delightful appearance. It is most regularly utilized as sprinters and overlays on the grounds that the material under remaining parts is generally obvious. The exquisite sheer lengths praise the majority of the scenes without overpowering the plan and shading. The plain weave texture is produced using polyester and can be washed in the machine in the sensitive cycle. In any case, hand washes and drying noticeably all around keep up the respectability and strength of the texture.


Vinyl table covers for your garden or patio furniture are known for offering incredible weather resistance and are known for easy maintenance and cleanup. Vinyl is the perfect material for picnics and other outdoor setups. Vinyl cannot be damaged by water, stains, heat, or light. Hence, vinyl patio furniture covers are all long-lasting. Vinyl is known to be one of the most affordable materials for outdoor table covers. Vinyl table covers come in a host of designs and colors to complement the theme and overall surroundings.


Patio table covers can come in specialty fabrics such as organza, silk, satin, or spandex that offer a far more lavish, chic, and classy appearance. They are used mostly for formal occasions such as conferences and weddings.