There are some home projects you should never tackle yourself—one of which is foundation repair. Of course, the task of finding a professional repairman is often a timely endeavor. Still, this first-timer’s guide to foundation repair will help show you what to look for if you face foundation issues and how to vet and hire the right foundation contractor for the job.

Know the Signs

Not everyone knows what foundation issues look like. Given that you entrust your property to have the proper foundational concrete and support beams in place to prevent disaster, you may not know what to look for if something goes awry. Fortunately, there are some fairly obvious signs your foundation needs professional help. Cracks in brick, sheetrock, and drywall are all notable issues. Also, if you notice your walls, ceilings, and floors sink, sag, or bow, there’s a good chance you need to call a professional repair company to fix it.

Ask the Important Questions

When searching for a trustworthy foundation repair company, always ask the important questions. There are many tips to help with the initial search. Once you’ve found a few local options, ask about a quote, service experience, and expected project timeline. No one wants to hire any contractor only to discover they’re underqualified or face unforeseen expenses added to their receipt. You also don’t want to risk a scam. Therefore, ask many questions to vet the right foundation repair company over a potential wrong one.

Make Sure They’re Experienced

One of those questions of course should be their experience in foundation repair. As part of any first-timer’s guide to foundation repair, you need to ensure that whichever company you hire has the knowledge and experience to resolve these issues without causing further damage. For example, a reliable foundation repair team will not damage your landscape. They should have the tools and expertise to tackle your property issues and reinforce your foundation without external damage to the surrounding area.

Ask About Their Services

Sometimes the best foundation repairs resolve issues you never knew existed. While the base foundation requires service, a reliable foundation repair team should address waterproofing in the basement and crawlspace, mold, rotten wood repair, and slab lifting to ensure no further sinkage. When vetting potential contractors, make sure they can offer the best services to remedy these issues. Just make sure to get a quote estimate before any work begins, so that you and the contractor are on the same page.