When we’ve lived in our homes our entire lives, or at least for a prolonged period of time, we aren’t always aware of just how or with what the house was built. From a lack of insulation, to single glazed windows, there are a few things we can fix and adjust to ensure a longer lifespan of the building as a whole. Whether your home is prone to damp, constantly draughty, or you simply have a problem with your pipes, read on to find out more about how to fix these issues!

Damp Proofing
Whether you’ll need damp proofing services in London area, or you live a little more remotely, ensuring that your home is completely free from and protected against damp is a must. Damp can cause irreparable damage to walls, foundations, window frames, and the spores can be harmful to our health, so ensuring that you are completely protected is essential. Damp proofing can be as simple as filling your walls with a damp proof concoction – this could differ depending on the company you choose – which will keep your home safe from damp, and could even add extra insulation.

Draught Proofing
Draught proofing your home will keep the cold air out, but could prove to keep the water out too which will ultimately reduce the chances of damp too. With draught proofing, you’ll reduce heat loss, be more efficiently using your energy, and you won’t need your heating nearly as high for that reason.

Double Glazed Windows
Most homes already have double glazed windows, but for those that don’t, it’s an investment worth having. What’s more, there is even triple glazing available nowadays for extra energy efficiency. If you opt for investing in new windows, you’ll want to check the energy efficiency ratings. These go from A to G, with A being the most efficient and is usually given to triple-glazed windows.

Heating Cables On Pipes
If your pipes are prone to freezing in cold temperatures, then keeping the heat on them during winter could be a great fix to prevent cracking or damage. If you have exposed pipes, consider installing heating cables that run alongside the pipes, and use electrical tape to attach. Cover the pipes with insulating tape afterwards and hey presto! You have warm pipes that aren’t likely to be freezing any time soon.

Fix Your Leaks!
If you have a leaky tap, leaky pipes, leaky appliances or quite frankly leaky anything within your home, then it’s time to fix it! Leaks can lead to pooling water when not dealt with, and pooling water will lead to damp and other kinds of water damage. In order to protect the structure and internal furnishings of your home, fixing leaks as soon as you realise that they’re there will ensure that you won’t be paying out for much larger fixes in the future.

Hopefully this has given you a helping hand in fixing up your home, so you can rest easy knowing that structurally and internally, your home is completely safe to live in. Damp, draughts and water damage can cause irreparable damage to your home and so preventing this from becoming a problem before it has the chance is a must.

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