Floor marking tapes are very important if you want to separate or designate areas at your house or office. This is a special kind of adhesive tape that is used to mark aisles, hazardous areas, provide directions, or divide spaces. So, if you have a combined living-cum-dining room at your house, you can use floor marking tape to create a separation between the two spaces!

Floor marking tape may appear to be a simple tool, but they are strictly employed for job site safety. These floor tapes, like glow-in-the-dark tape, are not only cute to look at, but they also help keep you safe in the dark. Here are the top 5 reasons why floor marking tape is beneficial to your job site’s employees, clients, visitors, or the general public. 

  • Create Safe Space from Hazards

There are a lot of hazardous materials on a job site, especially if you are working at a factory or manufacturing unit. It becomes crucial to mark the hazards so that workers can maintain a safe distance. Also, your job site can even have chemicals needed for manufacturing that can be toxic on bare skin. So creating a safe space from this dangerous equipment and chemicals is almost always included in a company’s safety program. In addition to wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), floor marking tapes can be easily taped onto the ground to create a designated space for these materials.

The floor surface in practically every workplace has inconsistencies. That’s nearly a foregone conclusion. It can, unfortunately, lead workers to stumble or fall.

Floor tape is an excellent approach to warn pedestrians and remind users to be cautious of stairways and ramps. Traction can also be provided by using specialized floor tape.

  • Designate Storage Areas

Floor tape is an excellent technique to organize your workspace and make it more efficient. Laying out floor tape will ensure that everything has a proper area, whether you need to place forklifts, store tiny tools, keep manufacturing items sorted, mark locations for garbage receptacles, or outline special workspaces. This will save your team time figuring out where to dock the forklift and will keep materials and tools organized, in their proper places, and is easy to locate.

The storage area is one of the most important places at a job site. A newly manufactured product should never be mixed with a product that is kept for storage. Oftentimes, a batch of manufactured products is kept in quarantine to see how their quality remains after a certain period. And these products should not be mingled with others. So designating a separate area for storage and quarantine products is necessary. With floor marking tape, you don’t even need to construct a whole room for your storage area. 

  • Indicate Routes

You don’t want your workers to walk all over your products and raw materials. So creating a separate area for walking routes or even vehicles is a great idea. This will, not only keep your products safe but also the workers will be away from hazards.

In high-traffic locations, floor tape can also be utilized to produce safe flooring. The tape can be used to mark a path for carts and forklifts, promote efficient foot traffic flow, and limit the risk of collisions.

Floor tape can also be used to mark entrances and exits, making them easier to find and follow in the event of an emergency.

  • Indicate Emergency Access

For any unwanted accidents, indicating emergency access is essential. The indication should also be placed in a way so that it is visible at all times to everyone present in the room. During power failures and low-lighting scenarios, using glow-in-the-dark and luminous tapes to identify emergency escape can be a crucial component of your emergency procedure strategy.

Reflective tape can be used to identify the position of safety equipment that may be required after the electricity failure, like electrical panels,  first aid stations, and fire extinguishers, in addition to highlighting departure routes.

  • Create Social Distancing

Social distancing is an extreme necessity in this pandemic. While working, people often forget or do not realize they are not maintaining social distance to keep themselves safe from the virus. Floor marking tapes can be an easy, yet efficient solution to this problem. Use the tapes to form defined waiting areas, clearly marking where people may safely stand, mark lanes, and reduce/eliminate traffic in dangerous and/or limited places to help create a safe and secure social distance.


Make a layout map ahead of time and obtain feedback from your crew while establishing your floor tape strategy. Plan your complete strategy, so you can see how it will function across your entire building, even if the floor tape installation does not happen at once.

It’s easy to overlook floor tape, especially after seeing it every day. However, this should not be overlooked. It’s a quick and easy approach to provide important safety data and organizational structures.

Author Bio:

Peter Siemsen, the second son of an American army officer, grew raised in Venice, California. He works as an engineer during the day and as a writer at night, writing about action-adventure, factory-safety regulations, manufacturing, systems engineering, and other topics.