timber vanity

Designing a bathroom is not at all an easy task. Putting all the requirements and light fixtures does not give you the homeliness you would like to achieve from your house. When you use timber vanities for your bathroom this not only gives a better and more interesting look to the bathroom, but it also keeps the bathroom safe from any type of moisture accumulation and fungus breeding.

A brilliant way to achieve a classic but modern look from your bathroom is by adding timber vanities. If you look for timber vanities online, you will see an abundance of options waiting for you.

Pick the best timber vanities and give your washroom the warm glow that it deserves.

The Rising Popularity For Timber Vanities For Washroom

Looking at online interior decorating blogs, you notice using symbols for the facility in the washroom is trending. The reason behind this search for timber vanities is as follows:

  • Looks Beautiful: Who can deny the classic look of any wooden finish piece? People are purchasing a wooden vanity for their bathroom because it is one of the best ways to decorate. It is not only effortless but also grand.
  • Affordable Options: Many do not realize that wooden vanity is not as costly as it seems. You can get an affordable piece quickly. There are plenty of customizable options making the possibilities virtually limitless. This is a great advantage of timber vanity. Oak and Maplewood might be slightly costly varieties, but they give the best durability when you go for buying quality timber vanities.
  • Extra Storage: It gives you more space to store your bathroom accessories and supplies. You can keep these items dry, especially electronic appliances like hair drier or your electric shaver. You can check online stores to get different designs, styles, colors, and sizes for the timber storage options.
  • Durable: With excellent quality timber, you can be sure that your vanity will last for a long time. The best part is that it is effortless to maintain. Just a wax spray occasionally will keep its shine intact without any scratches. It will also come with a water-resistant coating.

Let Your Bathroom Accessories Look Timeless And Charming

Now that you can understand all the hype behind looking for timber vanities, you should start looking for something for your place. You can experiment with wall-mounted timber-framed mirrors, sinks, wooden towel brackets, and soap dispensers. Moreover, the timber vanities are lightweight, and they can be installed and taken out as and when needed.

You should let the timber vanity be the centerpiece, and all your bathroom supplies or accessories can be purchased as an accompaniment to bring about harmony. Think about the color scheme you would want to have. Go for earthy tones to match with the timber vanity.

Do remember to do a little research about the website that you choose. Ensure they are using top quality materials to use the vanity, and the wood they are using is sustainably sourced. Your bathroom will now have a warm, inviting feel where you can just relax with a bubbly bath and a glass of bubbly.


Many do not consider decorating the bathroom. You should not be one of these people if you truly want to have a nicely decorated home. Having a wonderfully decorated and well-furnished bathroom can be the highlight of your home.

Get the best timber vanities online and see who wonderfully you can transform your washroom. The popularity of looking for timber vanities speaks for itself. Do not wait any longer; start envisioning the most beautiful and charming washroom today!

5 Reasons Why Timber Vanities are Best for Your Bathroom

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