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Venetian Plaster is basically a polished plaster that gives a look like a polished finish on the ceilings, and walls. These plasters give the look of the marble, limestone, and travertine. These are applied on a primer or a base coat. These plasters are burnished with an absolutely special steel trowel that gives it a look like smooth glass shine.

Know How to Maintain These Types of Plasters

In order to keep the surface of Venetian plaster clean, it is advisable to dust the surface once in a week with the help of a duster. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, then you are supposed to use the brush attachment to clean it. While sweeping, it is important to use a soft cloth so as to avoid the scratches. If the surface is found to be stained or grimy, cleaning of the surface should be done by using a soft cloth and a mild mixture of warm water and liquid soap.

Longevity and Durability of The Plaster

As the Venetian plaster is made up of Italian limestone and dolomitic marble it has long durability. It is found that while used for interior purpose it can last up to 400 years and sometimes even more.

If it is used for exterior purposes, then it can last till decades and even centuries, but the current environmental conditions might lead to occasional changes of the plaster coating.

It is, therefore, a good choice to make for homes and also for showrooms and office buildings as it is quite cost-effective.

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8 Reasons for You to Choose This Plaster

  • This Plaster is very easy to maintain.
  • It can last long and hence a great investment.
  • This type of plaster on the walls or ceiling prevents the growth of fungus and also keeps the place bacteria-free.
  • It does not hold any moisture therefore keeps the place from any kind of dampness and molds.
  • It gives a look of marble and stones with a glass-like sheen which adds up to the looks of the space.
  • It is used to patch any worn-out wood, stone, brick drywall, and other things and give them an elegant look.
  • It is hard like a rock therefore it does not shrink and also does not get damped. It therefore can hold huge pressure thus does not result in any crack.
  • Another great advantage of Venetian plaster is that it very efficiently environment friendly. As it is made up of all the natural materials it is highly beneficial for maintaining the good quality of the wall of the building.
  • The lime in the Venetian Plaster provides an antibacterial base. It also helps in resistance of moisture and heat thus making it durable for a long time.
  • The exchanges of regular light and lime mortar is elating. It shows up as though there’s all the while a warm light exuding from inside the mortar and a vibration of light floating above it.
  • Applying a solitary shade of grayish mortar to the whole house, including all the inside entryways. It’s a look aced so flawlessly.
  • The new items are extremely low-upkeep and entirely strong.

Know the Ways of Taking Care of This Plaster

Taking care of the Venetian Plaster is quite simple and very easy.

  • Whether it is a stain that is caused by water or oil it can be removed using just a soft cloth that is damped in a mixture of liquid soap and water. You just need to mix one teaspoon mild soap with four cups of warm water.
  • In order to repair small scratches and dings, a small amount of this plaster can be applied in the respective area. It is important to let it dry for a day and then apply a little bit of protective wax over it. Then you are supposed to let the surface dry completely and then allow it to cure for three days then use a damp cloth to clean any stains on it.

You should not forget to do a detailed study and consult a person who has knowledge in this field who is able to provide you with expert advice. You can then choose the correct one for making your area look the best.

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