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There are many different reasons why one may decide to go through with a home renovation. It may be for a remodeling purpose to improve their own comfort, to boost the home’s resale value, to prepare an older home for a contemporary lifestyle, and so on. But, the question is how often should you renovate your home? Are there some aspects that have to be addressed continuously? Well, the answer to this particular question highly depends on the condition of the home as well as other external factors that may be affecting the comfort of the personal environment.

What to Expect from Home Renovation?

Home renovation is usually not something that can be over in an instant. Depending on the projects involved in the renovation, chances are the process will take up to several weeks to complete, sometimes even months. In order to decide whether the renovation you have in mind matches your current schedules and plans, it’s important that you do your research on the matter and get a professional evaluation. The time needed for renovation will also put these particular projects into perspective when it comes to all future upgrades as well. Keep in mind that if you’re interested in renovating your entire home, the process will probably take between 4 and 8 months.

The timing will also be affected by the size of the renovation projects. Renovating a smaller bathroom for instance is definitely not the same as renovating a huge family bathroom. There’s also the question of the overall property condition. You might be interested in some plumbing work that seems relatively simple at first only to discover that your entire piping system needs replacing to meet the current standards. In general, structural problems can prolong the renovation time a lot, but they’re crucial to address; when left unattended for too long, they can actually cause some serious damage.

Always Compare Your Options

If you already have years of experience of having to renovate your home and can’t deal with the investments anymore, or are on the lookout to buy a new property and can’t decide between a new one, or one that’s older and cheaper but requires renovation work, you should take the time to analyze your options. In case you live in Washington DC, make sure to see what’s available for sale among contemporary properties; the same goes for Raleigh, so don’t forget to check out available homes for sale in Raleigh NC, or any other area you may be living in, and so on. This will provide you with a better understanding of the prices and home values at your desired city. What’s more, you’ll get to learn whether investing in renovations is actually more profitable compared to just buying a new property.

Frequency of Renovation Is Not a Set Thing

Depending on the issue and/or purpose you have when it comes to your home, immediate renovation may or may not be necessary. For instance, worn off grout between the tiles tends to be more frequent compared to actually replacing the tiles. Furthermore, paint can easily get chipped and fade, which is another renovation project that might be appropriate on an annual/biannual basis. If you tend to get termites every single year, it’s only logical that you’d commit to inspections regularly and possibly even opt for a renovation to maintain or upgrade the materials that attract termites. In case your roof leaks, you mustn’t wait for repairs as the water can cause further damage.

On the other hand, renovations involving the mere look of your home while you don’t experience any issues with functionality can wait for as long as you can in order to find the time or finances to proceed with the work. As there’s no immediate risk to your or your family’s safety or contemporary lifestyle, these types of renovations can’t be considered a must-have.

The type and scale of home renovation you’d need/want depend solely on the condition of your home and your plans for the future. So, how often should you renovate your home? – there’s no clear answer to that question. However, make it a point to commit to renovation and repair work if certain aspects of your home show clear signs of damage or affect your comfort and lifestyle.

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