Photos on Your Walls
Family photos create a feeling of joy and love when you walk into a room. It’s a great way to keep those who are far away close, and those who’ve passed in our memories.

Photography became a part of our culture during the late 1830s in France. Images were first created on copper or glass slates and then moved to film. Now, we can capture thousands of pictures digitally.

It’s typical for you to want to share your photos in your home. You’ll want to create a unique space for the images with your loved ones. We’re going to give you our tips on how to display family pictures on your walls attractively.

Custom Paintings
There’s nothing like an authentic hand-painted picture. You can get a custom artist painting of an image of your family. Choose between oil, watercolor, charcoal, mixed media, and more styles.

You have the freedom to decide what size works in your space. This original painting will instantly become the focal point of the wall. Anyone can go down to the local store to get a photo developed, but how many people have a custom portrait of their loved ones.

Gallery Wall
Often, we have a handful of favorite family photos, so choosing just one to highlight is difficult. A trendy look for a living room or hallway is a gallery wall. It’s a mismatch of different-sized images and other decors.

In addition to pictures of your loved ones, you can add the letter of your family’s last name. In many home goods stores, there are some already made from wood, metal, or fabrics.

You can also hang your children’s artwork, letters they wrote to you, tickets from an event you went to together, and more. Make every piece meaningful to the whole family.

photos on the floor

Canvas Photo Prints
At your local photo shop, it’s possible to make any image a canvas print. These are wrapped around a wood structure and don’t need a frame. These come in a variety of sizes to fit your space.

Canvas prints are affordable and lightweight. You can hang them up with removable hooks. Change them with the seasons or when you want to use a new photo.

Go All Black and White
If you’re going for a sophisticated look, sticking with black and white photos is ideal. Choose a black frame with a thick white mat. This will create a classy style for your wall.

You can either keep a consistent size for the photographs or play around with a variety. When you walk into the room, it will be like you’re in a museum of your family’s history.

Digital Picture Frame
When you’re a tech person or have young children, a digital images frame is a perfect way to display many photos. This is excellent for those with limited wall space because it shows hundreds of pictures within one small area.

You’ll upload images to a digital frame, and the photo will change every couple of seconds, like a slideshow. It’s versatile, as it’s possible to continually change the group of pictures and add new ones whenever you get more shots.

These come in different styles and sizes, so they’ll fit in seamlessly to your home decor.

Use Polaroid Pictures
After the digital age of photography, many people are using older methods to create images. On your next family get together, bring a Polaroid camera. You can snap instant photos that can’t be recreated.

There are specific frames on the market to display these types of photos. Cover your whole wall with these little treasures to remember memories of laughter and joy.

The Bottom Line
We all have images of our loved ones that we want to be surrounded by in our homes. You walk into a room and are greeted by smiles from your family.

To display them attractively, you can commission a painting, create a gallery wall, buy a canvas print, go black and white, invest in a digital frame, or use Polaroid photos. You’ll feel a warmth of love in all your spaces with these ideas.

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