Are you tired of your home decor? Do you find your current wall colors a little boring? Maybe you’re ready for a whole new look, but don’t want to take on a big project. Never fear. If your surroundings simply aren’t cutting it anymore, you don’t have to renovate an entire room to make big changes. Take a look at these 10 tips to liven up your space. Most can be done on a weekend with little to no cost.

1. Add a Coat of Paint

Changing the paint color in your room is one of the most basic, yet biggest impact, steps you can take to change up the vibe. Choose a dark or bold color for pizzazz. Try textured wall paint to add dimension to your wall. Maybe stripes will jazz things up. Starting with paint is a good place to start if you’re thinking of making a change in a room.

2. Try Removable Wallpaper

If you rent and aren’t permitted to paint, you don’t have to settle for boring walls. They make temporary or removable wallpaper these days that is easy to apply and relatively cost-friendly. Choose from a multitude of colors and patterns to achieve the feel you’re going for. You can even opt for a mural that depicts a scene for dramatic effect.

3. Bring Nature Indoors

Bringing a little of the outdoors in is a fabulous way to brighten up a space. Why not pick up a few plants to place around the room or distribute throughout the whole house? A table fountain is a simple way to bring the essence of a babbling brook to your home. It’s both beautiful and calming. Some natural fabrics like a rug made of sisal or some linen throw pillows can also add nice organic vibes.

4. Bring in Some Art

Bare walls can feel sterile and boring. If you’re lacking wall decor, now’s the time to add some art pieces to the mix. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve artistic expression. You can start with one piece that really speaks to you and add it to your collection gradually over time. You may want to get hands-on and create your own one-of-a-kind pieces for your home decor.  Even framing old calendar pages can make a lovely display.

5. Hang a Mirror or Two

Mirrors can literally brighten a room. They reflect light can make your room seem brighter and larger. You can find a variety of decorative mirrors in all sorts of styles. They’re also practical, giving you a way to check out your makeup as you’re heading out the door.

6. Layer Your Lighting

Do you have cold, brash overhead lighting? Why not add some lamps to add color and ambiance to a room? You can place table lamps and floor lamps in a space to provide layers to your lighting. Candles are another way to use light for setting a mood.

7. Throw Down a Rug

Another way to freshen your space is to add a throw rug or area rug to the mix. A sea of carpet or other flooring material can be monotonous. A rug, no matter the size, can customize your aesthetic and ground the room. Layering rugs is a new trend that can add major visual interest to a space.

8. Rearrange the Furniture

For a no-fail, no-cost way to make a big change to your home decor, just switch things around. Rearranging the furniture in a room gives you an entirely new feel. You may even find a better or more efficient way to use the space.

9. Make It Personal

If your place is lacking a personal touch, you can fix that simply by displaying photos of family or friends on the walls and tables. Treasured ephemera like ticket stubs can be placed in a frame as a memento collage. Put your memories where you can see them.

10. Add Accessories

Finally, adding accessories to a table, console or mantle is a way to periodically change the feel of a room. Decorative candles, knick-knacks, vases of flowers, and other such items are a strategic way to add your own touch to a room.  For bedrooms, we recommend decorative lamps, knick-knacks, wall art, and other bedroom essentials to add your own touch to a room


These tips are just the beginning of ways you can liven up your space. Use them to spark your creativity and for inspiration. Then, set out to make your own decorative transformations.