The home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it is important to get it right. With a little planning and the proper accessories, you can focus on your home décor and still get the results you want.

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to home décor. A combination of ornate period pieces and simple contemporary furniture can look just as elegant as two or three matching pieces from the same collection. The key is gaining the appropriate balance between elements of design and picking out pieces that complement each other so everything looks cohesive and tasteful.

Candles for a fragrant home

When it comes to home decor, candles make any room feel cozier and more intimate. They’re especially useful for romantic evenings at home with your partner or friends. If you want to design an ambiance for entertaining guests, try using scented candles that will help mask cooking. Wax, gel, and soy candles are all-natural and burn at a lower temperature than paraffin wax. Gel and soy candles tend to be more expensive but burn longer and smell better than paraffin wax.

To keep your candle burning evenly and prevent it from dripping, make sure the wick is trimmed to about half an inch. Also, place your candle on a heat-resistant surface like ceramic or glass.

Plants for better air

Plants are the original “design element” in any space. They’re free, they’re stunning, and most importantly, they’re attainable. If you have an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, it doesn’t matter—you can still have a green wall of ferns to provide privacy and soften the harshness of the light. And if you have a garden or patio, you don’t even need to consider bringing your plants inside—just bring them closer together for the winter.

We all dream of a garden full of flowers, but we know how long it takes to maintain it. It can be frustrating when your hose retracts in on itself, leaving you with a tangled mess to unravel every time you want to use it. Choose an automatic hose reel that is easy to install and fits into any garden. The advantage of these hoses is that they have protection from adverse weather conditions, are easy to use and suitable for beginners in gardening.

Floor lamp for better lighting

A floor lamp can cast more light over a larger area, but some models are tall enough to illuminate the whole room. These are usually fitted with a shade or fabric diffuser, which also helps soften the light. A floor lamp is frequently placed by the side of the sofa or on a table in the corner of a living room.

The height of the lampshade is an important consideration for fitting it into your living space. If you have low ceilings, you will probably want to opt for a more compact design with a shorter shade to avoid projecting shadows on the ceiling. However, if your ceilings are high, try using one with an extra-long shade to create more of an ambient atmosphere.

Works of art for a better feeling at home

Include accessories to your living space in ways that reflect your personality and tastes. If you have an Asian-inspired living room set, hang Asian-inspired paintings on the walls or display long strings of decorative pearls or beads. You might also consider having framed black-and-white photographs taken of you and your family at different stages of life, then hanging these photos on the wall next to one another for a gallery effect.

These little tricks will definitely give more value to your home!

Organizers and storage systems

Organizers and storage systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most can be broken down into three categories: shelving that hangs on the closet rod; shelving that sits on the floor; and freestanding units.

Sturdiness is critical when choosing a hanging system because its contents are likely to include heavy winter coats, parkas and other bulky items. Look for one that is sturdy enough to hang without bowing or sagging under the weight of heavy winter clothing.

Top-shelf organizers are designed to hold hats, folded shirts, sweaters, scarves, belts and other miscellaneous items. These organizers are typically made of plastic, but metal organizers are also available. Freestanding unit organizers are typically large enough to store folded shirts, pants and other clothing items that do not require bulky storage boxes or bins. They typically have adjustable shelves that allow you to configure them based on your needs. Some include drawers for added storage space.

Invest in your home and enjoy it!

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