We all want to de-cluttered and well-organized homes. But the question is how so? Some sneaky storage hacks to make your home less messy and roomier.

Who doesn’t want their home all tidied up and clutter-free! Well, that’s one thing that we all crave but can’t have. (Another one in the list of can’t-haves!)

And why is that so?

Even after extensive cleaning, donating, and dumping the excessive items, you only achieve the absolute clutter-free house for only a week or so. And that’s completely normal so you don’t have to blame yourself when the mess starts creeping in. However, we can together think of the definitive solution to this messy situation. Luckily, we have one!

Sneaky storage spaces!

Enhancing the storage space in our homes in the most creative manner to complement the interior aesthetics is what we call sneaky storage enhancement. So, let’s dig in.

Here are some super-creative and perfectly sneaky ways of keeping the clutter out of sight.

  • Ceiling Shelves – Put Some Extra Pounds on the Rack

The vertical space above our furniture usually goes unused. We can utilize this wall length to effectively enhance the storage space. For the bonus point, ceiling shelves look pretty awesome too.

Fix some wooden or glass shelves on the walls above the sofa set. Place the books, controllers, frames, and other things that are not frequently used. Add some book holders, delicate antiques, and one or two houseplants to complete the look. This way you can keep the mess off the ground and improve the aesthetic value of your interior as well. You can go for any shelves, but glass shelves have an exceptional class. So go for it!

If you are one such parent who keeps the delicate decor items in hiding due to the little kids running around the house, it’s time for you to live your fantasy! Ceiling shelves allow you to put your favorite glass decor items on display without the fear of breakage.

  • Shower corner shelves

What’s the most annoying thing while having baths? Exactly, that’s the mess of bottles. Now get rid of your scattered bottles and other stuff with the help of these shower corner shelves.  These shelves can hold firmly all the necessary stuff that you may need while taking shower, by creating more space in your bathroom. It covers less space, as it is installed in the corner but gives a lot of room to store things. Organize your bathroom with these stylish corner shelves!

  • Ottoman Table Or Bed – A Secret Storage Compartment

We all have central tables to grace our living rooms and bed sets to make our bedrooms cozy. How about using these necessities for more than just sitting around and lying down. Well, this is a possible and quite an appreciated idea.

Ottomans functioning as central tables and beds are becoming popular among the masses due to their added benefits. You can use them to level up your interior game while also storing all this-and-that in the compartment inside. This way, the ottoman not only serves as a comfy furniture element but also helps you declutter your interior space.

    Corner Shelving – Put Your Corners to the Right Use 

As we are looking for spaces that are not used to their full potential, how can we forget about the corner?

The corners are typically rendered unused because of the curves and bends in the walls. The most common practice is to put some corner decor items to enhance the interior. But corners can serve a bigger purpose than just posing as some nook to place the huge vase. (Not that it doesn’t look great but we are saving space here, remember?)

Interior designers are putting special attention to the corners now. Furniture items and corner sofa sets are used to utilize the corners nowadays. Corner shelving is another way to put the nooks of the house to use. Install floating glass shelves at the corners. It will not only create some extra storage but give you a chance to display your decor items in a fun way.

  • Under the Stairs – Above-the-Line Storage Space  

To keep the mess off the ground, we need to ensure the right utility of every space in our homes. Now think of the areas that go unnoticed in your home. Think hard!

You got it right, the space under the stairs.

There is usually enough space under the space but it cannot be used properly due to the bends and edges of the stairs. However, you can use it to contain things that are not used quite often. The space under the stairs can even be used for making a mini library, a reading room, or a small powder room. But hey, let’s just stick to storage enhancement.

You can either go for some racks and out a chair to turn the space into a pretty useful nook. Or you can make a cupboard and stuff it with the regular things.

  • Vanity Shelves – A Legit Space Booster

The bathroom is the place where we need to put quite a lot of things. But to make things difficult, bathrooms are usually small and don’t have enough storage compartments to hold all the toiletries. So we have to put them in the closet and take the essentials with us every time we go to the bathroom. (Just narrating some common scenarios)

But you can effectively boost the bathroom storage with some shelves. Some floating shelves and there you go!

Go for glass shelves to give an elite look to the bathroom. Put your toiletries, makeup, masks, and some succulents on the shelves and cherish the comfort.

  • Quarter circle glass shelves

Do you need a sneak peek storage? Well, these quarter-circle glass shelves are exemplary for your small spaces. They will be holding up your decorative pieces, books, or any other little objects that you need to organize or display. Having a small house means you can’t clutter up space, so organizing the necessities is quite crucial for such places. But now, it’s in your hands! So, order these quarter circle glass shelves that are right according to your requirements, so don’t think too much, just check them out here.

  • Tiered Tables – More for Less

You would have seen exquisite double or triple-tiered tables with minimal structure in hotels. These tables also make a beautiful accessory for homes and are great for doubling up storage space.

You can put the counter in your bathroom or kitchen to put the essentials there. These counters take very little space and serve as a great storage booster.  You can put fruits, veggies, nuts, paper towels, and other such things at the table and present a view.

  • Secret Artistic Chamber – To Hold Your Essentials 

This is a fairly new but widely celebrated idea.  Invest in concealed compartments that have paintings or textures as the main view. You can access the storage compartment by opening the folds, and there you are with enough space to hold your everyday items, electronics, or anything of value.

Finally… Sneak It In!

The ideas mentioned above are not only super-sneaky ways of keeping the space mess-free but also have the potential to enhance the interior. So why not get two for one!

Let’s double up your storage and cut down the clutter by working through these ideas. What are you waiting for then, let’s get to work!