Handrails are fantastic assets to have in your home. Not only are they attractive statement pieces, but they can also make or break how safely you can get up and down staircases. You can follow many ways to learn how to choose a stair banister design. However, we’ll focus on how you can match the style to your tastes here.

Match the Design to Your Style Taste

There are many approaches you can take to design your stair banister. But the best avenue we took when developing our way of figuring out how to choose a stair banister design was to think about the style of the home.

Are you more rustic, or do you prefer a minimal design? For example, if you mix metals into your home décor, choose a banister with wrought iron balusters. Additionally, consider the styles that everyone in my family likes. Ultimately, you’ll need to come to a compromise and agree on how everyone can enjoy a particular banister.

Keep the Safety and Aesthetic In Mind

Safety is essential in any renovation project, and it can be even more difficult when you aren’t a professional. Local codes are necessary to look over, and if you aren’t careful, you may face a hefty fine. Always consider how high or low a handrail can be, what types of styles you can tweak to become safer to use, and how you can keep your style choice in mind when picking the handrail.

The handrail size is also important, which is why it’s vital to learn the measurements of your stairs before moving forward with any additional work. Knowing the dimensions will save you time and money you might potentially waste on a bad stair banister job.

Go Minimal If You Can

If there’s any style you can make safe, it’s a minimalistic one. Your style choices with this aesthetic won’t create unintentionally bold clashes, and they won’t be excessively boring to look at either. You can use plexiglass, cable wire, and many more objects to help make your home’s flow seamless. The minimalist banisters are adaptable to every home style.

When selecting a design, don’t pick one and stick with it. There’s no fun in that. Instead, keep it simple while also making it your own. Builder can customize stair banister styles to fit with your family’s needs. Again, it’s essential to consider measurements when choosing a type of stair railing.