Adelaide is the capital city of the southern state of Australia, named after Queen Adelaide of the United Kingdom. Adelaide’s population of more than one million contributes to the city’s spot in the populous cities in Australia. Adelaide is known for the festivities, sports activities, selection of food and wine, and its manufacturing sectors.

Geographically, Adelaide is a planned city. The city’s first general designed its urban layout, used grids to arrange it with the Adelaide city centre surrounded by a ring of parks. The residential areas in the city, on the other hand, consist of single-story detached houses made of bricks and stones.

The city has a warm summer and windy and chilly winter, making the temperature colder than usual. Because of the different weather conditions, the housing industries in Adelaide adapt to any seasonal change. They ensure that all the cold climate concerns are well taken care of, including the ice dams, burst pipes, and slick stairways. The use of a gable roof, integrating a snow-melting system in the house, installing double glazed windows in Adelaide, wood stoves, and much more help with the adjustments of residential houses to chilly climate.

Building an Insulated Home

The idea of building a cold climate-friendly home is to retain more heat inside with the use of double glazed windows in Adelaide, consider extreme snow case scenarios, and practice waterproofing measures. Roofs should not have openings as it can cause potential leaks and accumulation of ice. It is also good to remember that sloped roofs can withstand the weight of snow to prevent the roof from collapsing. And for durable roofs, a simple gable is highly recommended.

Installing some devices for efficient heat sources such as the radiant heat instruments, wood stoves, pellet stoves, solar panels, and many others can also be an appealing option for warming up a cold-climate home.

The Right Winter Windows

Investing in alternative sources of heat would not be enough to battle the chilly and windy winter in Adelaide. The residents of the city maximized the strategic construction of windows in their houses as it greatly affects the transfer of heat between the home exterior and interior spaces. They see to it that the windows face the sun to bring more light and warmth into the house. And they choose insulating glass or double glazed windows in Adelaide for its optimal thermal capabilities and increased energy efficiency.

Double glazed windows consist of two or more window panes separated by a gas-filled space, which works effectively in reducing the transfer of heat and preventing the flow of water inside the window panes. They are initially invented to adapt to cold climates but are applicable for warmer climates as well. The space between the two panes of the double glazed window serves as a heat barrier, separating the home interior with the outside temperature. In other words, this window technology stabilizes the home temperature, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Because of the reduced heat loss and gain, insulating glass lessens the need for electrical temperature control and thus decreasing the energy cost by more than 20 % than the traditional single-pane windows.

Homeowners of Adelaide also love that double glazed windows have the capability of reducing the noise outdoors, increasing the value of the house, and reducing the carbon footprint.

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