More people than ever are investing in the exterior design of their homes since these elements affect first impressions, tell a lot about the family that lives inside and can actually make the house more comfortable. Good home exterior design can bump your curb appeal and make returning home after a long day at the office a lot more enjoyable. But how do you conduct a good home exterior makeover project? Here are a few tips you have to stick to:

Look for inspiration

If you don’t really have any ideas about your exterior, get in the car and take a drive around the neighborhood. You don’t have to copy someone’s home, but simply see what’s popular and affordable and manageable for families like yours, and take notes of the elements you like. Remember that your house doesn’t have to perfectly blend in—after all, your family IS unique, but doing something similar to everyone else will boost the overall attractiveness of the neighborhood and make it easier for you to sell in the future.

Pick the right time

In general, spring and early fall are the perfect time to tackle your home exterior renovation. Warm but not uncomfortably hot or cold temperatures will be suitable for all projects. If you’re planning to add a deck or porch, opt for spring since the ground is dry but still suitable for digging. On the other hand, if your roof needs replacing, go for summer since high heat equals proper sealing.

Prioritize high ROI elements

If your exterior has some major issues, tackle them first, but if you’re just looking to boost your curb appeal, prioritize high ROI projects. High Return on Investment projects gives you the best cost vs value benefits that will come in handy if you ever want to sell. For instance, new siding, new wood deck or new entrance door are all high ROI remodels.

Know your DIY limits

There are many projects you can handle yourself with only a few tools, but don’t overestimate your abilities. If you mess up, your DIY project can end up costing you more than if you hired pros. Don’t mess with electrical or plumbing if you don’t have proper training, but installing a new fence should also be left to the professionals. Luckily, like any other project, it’s easy to find fencing installation experts for your new fence. They will not only handle everything from supplying to installation but ensure your site is tidy, attractive and safe when they leave.

Ditch your old siding

Does your wood or vinyl siding need to be replaced? Think twice about choosing the same material again! Wood is attractive but high-maintenance and vinyl doesn’t really have a long life. If you’re already removing the siding, choose something modern like fiber cement instead. This type of siding comes in many colors, has a much longer life and requires minimal effort to be kept attractive.

Rent a dumpster

This is something many people dismiss, but don’t forget about your trash when remodeling. Unused materials in your renovation can be returned to the store, but disposing of old materials, scraps, rubble, and other trash is not so easy. Renting a dumpster is a great way to solve that problem, though.

Invest in sustainability

When considering a home exterior makeover, both you and the environment around you can benefit from a few eco-friendly updates. For instance, it’s possible to lower costs and waste, and pollution by investing in innovative composite materials for roofing and siding. Another sustainable project that can reduce your HVAC needs is replacing entrance doors with something that’s properly sealed. The same goes for windows and door frames.

Opt for professional landscaping

It’s best to call professionals to handle your initial landscaping so you can easily and effectively maintain your landscaping in the future. When consulting with your landscaper, make sure to ask for some native plants that reduce environmental impact and minimize your maintenance. If you really want to adopt new eco-friendly habits with your improved home exterior makeover, reduce the size of your grass lawn or opt for ground covers like moss or clover.

Light it up

Finally, you will definitely want to show off your effort, so make sure to illuminate your new exterior. Many easy-to-install LED lighting options will beautifully display your exterior and landscaping AND boost safety at home. LEDs are a perfect addition to staircases, exterior walls, railing, and walkways. Solar lights are also a great choice, especially for path illumination.

Exterior renovation can be very rewarding in all senses, but as long as you follow these fool-proof tips. Once you do your homework, hire the right crew and roll up your sleeves to help, you’ll have a wonderful home that’s attractive on the outside and full of love on the inside.