For many parts of the country, summertime is the best opportunity for you to get work done around the house. The pleasantly warm weather and long hours of daylight allow for more productivity than you have during the other months of the year. If you’ve been searching for the motivation to clean, update, or repair your home, consider these home maintenance tasks you don’t want to miss this summer as your wake-up call.

Pool Maintenance

When the hottest days of summer hit, they hit hard. Maintain your pool now to give the whole family something to do during the blazing heat waves of the season. Clear out any leaves or debris in the pool and scrub away any gross mold or algae. Don’t forget to clean out the drains too! Once the pool is clean, replace the filter, add the water, and chlorinate it to prevent the buildup of pool pollutants.

Give your hot tub maintenance at the same time as your pool to set up the perfect hangout spot for calm summer nights.

Roof Repairs and Gutter Cleaning

You should have a trusted roof service inspect the roof of your home at least once a year to make sure it’s not damaged or aging. Repairing the roof and maintaining it properly can also extend its lifespan. You’ll also want to clean out your gutters before any heavy downpours accelerate the issue. Cleaning your gutters is an essential part of roof health—a clogged gutter can lead to severe problems with your home’s infrastructure.

Construction and Remodeling Projects

Just like how road constructions restart in the summer, so too should your home construction or remodeling projects. Construction and remodeling are both home maintenance tasks you don’t want to miss this summer—begin working on them early to get them done before the cold weather comes back. If they’re multi-season projects, you want to get the construction to a good stopping point before inclement weather comes back.

If you’re doing a project yourself, make sure you have all the right tools for your big build. However, if you’re hiring contractors, remember to keep them accountable and avoid losing money with people who incorrectly do the job.