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The home office has never been more important or widely used amongst desk-workers across the world. In every industry, people are finding themselves stuck at home due to quarantines and lockdowns, many with strict deadlines to complete and work schedules to uphold if they’re lucky.

Thus, the home office is where the brunt of this work will get done, which means yours needs to be up to par. If you want to continue pushing forward with your usual work at your usual pace, you need an office sanctuary that’s going to facilitate your maximum productivity level. In order to do this, we’ve put together some helpful tips for accomplishing the task.

Wall Panels

Nothing helps you keep out distractions like wall panels to block out your peripheral vision. Screen wall panels from Arktura are a great option here. They have more than enough options to satisfy your artsy side, plus they offer high-tech options for interactive usage, sound-proof walls, and much more.

Add Some Plants

Adding plants works as a stress reliever, and air-quality improver, and a nice change of pace from typical office supplies. The subconscious boost you’ll get from having some greenery around couples nicely with the tangible benefits in focus and clarity you can attain from a few well-placed office plants.

plants on desk


Workout Equipment

The productivity-boosting benefits of exercise are widely known, so make the most of them by incorporating some equipment in your home office. Nothing fancy is required, maybe just a few dumbells and a jump rope to get the blood going. Whatever your preferred way of getting your heart pumping is, make that an option in your home office as well to keep yourself from experiencing burnout.


A New Desk

Staying organized is crucial to maximizing your productivity. By adding a new desk with a solid surface countertop for low maintenance to the fold, you can make organization that much easier for yourself. You’ll likely be dealing with a lot more paperwork and files that normally would have a place at your workspace, so by adding a new desk to your home office you can eliminate any time spent searching for missing items or papers.

A Pink Salt Lamp

These can run you up to $300 but are well worth the investment. Pink salt lamps are known to release negative ions which improve the air quality of your room and as a result, help improve your focus. They also have a calming pink glow that can help add some much-needed color to many home offices.

Invest in Your Home Office to Boost Productivity During Covid-19

By investing in your home office and adding all the items we’ve discussed here, you are maximizing your chances to be as productive as possible despite the fact we’re all in quarantine.

Most people expect to see their numbers dip right now but by using the tips we’ve laid out here you can not only maintain the status quo, but even improve your work rate and help prevent yourself from showing up on the next round of layoffs.

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.