People take a considerable interest while remodeling their homes. Home remodeling is interesting. Remodeling makes people’s lives easier after certain modifications. But what about people with disabilities? Even everyday tasks can be complex for them. In fact, we should do our best to make things easier for them. For this, we should ensure a portable wheelchair ramp at home and other features. We have made it easier for you. Mentioned below are some home remodeling tips to help people with disabilities.

Well, remodeling a home with a ramp is a significant investment. It’s essential to plan everything before you make any investments. Remodeling is an exhaustive process, so you need to use various resources that will help you in the whole process. Without further Ado, let’s jump into the best tips that can help you in creating a ramp at your place.

Tips One Can Follow in their Home Remodelling Procedure

There are some critical areas one should focus on while remodeling their homes. These are essential common spots that people regularly access. Further, these spots should be made convenient for people with disabilities to make their life easier. The crucial areas are:

  • Stairways and Entries: These are the essential locations to provide easy access for people with disabilities. This will help them to move quickly from one place to another without extra help.
  • Kitchen: A person with disabilities should have access to all appliances and surfaces. Remodel your home in such a way that they can easily reach up to these areas and ensure they are independent in making their food.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are high-risk areas. People can easily slip or fall. Bathroom areas should be installed with proper equipment to ensure complete safety for them.

In Fact, Home remodeling tips in these locations are explained in a bit of detail down below. This is to give you a clear idea of what things you should look after.

 Stairways and Entries

If you want to make your loved ones enter easily, you need to remodel entrances and stairways for the disabled person.

  • Wheelchair Ramp: Installing a wheelchair ramp will make it easier for them to move from one place to another. Make sure you are installing a ramp in areas with thresholds.
  • Elevator/ Chair Lift: This is a budget-friendly option. It is also more accessible for people with disabilities to move. It is beneficial for one if he/she wants to move between different floors.


You can’t miss your kitchen. It is one of the essential rooms to consider while remodeling. It’s very important to ensure all the appliances and surfaces are usable for disabled persons.

  • Power Outlets: You should ensure that the power outlets and switches should be situated at lower wall levels. Outlets will make them more easily accessed, and the people will easily use appliances.
  • Lowered Countertops and Cabinets: The ramp should be customized according to the user. Cabinets and countertops at lower levels will help them quickly use them if required.
  • Touch-Sensitive Faucets: They accommodate those who cannot use their hands or arms to a limited extent only.


Well, as we all know bathrooms are one of the high-risk areas. So, it can’t be neglected You need to remodel this place due to risky slips and falls

  • Grab Bars: Bathroom fixtures, especially showers, should have grab bars placed next to them. This increases their accessibility.
  • Lowered Sinks and Countertops: This will help people with disabilities reach sinks and countertops more efficiently and use them. This is something which will help them daily.
  • Walk-In Showers: These are highly convenient for people who use wheelchairs. Showers that are on the level with the bathroom floor will help them use it easily. It is also a safer option than regular showers.
  • Widening Doorways and Floor Space: This allows people with disabilities to quickly enter or leave a room without the fear of falling or slipping. They should be remodeled in such a way that it makes it easier for wheelchairs to move.

Final Verdict

Well, these were some of the home remodeling tips that one can take into account for people with disabilities.

Installing a portable wheelchair ramp is not enough. Moreover, there are many things that one should consider for them. As a result, this will make their lives convenient and straightforward. Above all, this is the least one can do for them to make their lives independent. They should be able to live the way they want with easy access to everything.

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