Houses are an essential part of our daily lives. They provide shelter and afford a person with
a place to call home. They, therefore, need to meet certain construction standards. The
measures are meant to ensure that the house is safe to live in and to give it an appealing look.

Thus, there comes a time when homeowners are required to make some improvement to their
house. They might need to make repairs or to remodel it for a new appearance. Homeservice
Club home renovations target such situations and aim at promoting the interests of the

The renovation services offered by the Club have several benefits that will give you a reason
to contact the company the next time you need to refurbish your residence.

Protection from Poor Workmanship
Houses are supposed to provide a person with a place to live and rest after a busy day. They
should, therefore, be renovated according to the standards set by the authority to guarantee
the safety of the residents.

The Club ensures that contractors adhere to the required construction guidelines during the
repair of your house. It protects you from uncertified contractors who lack the skills and
qualifications needed to perform the given job.

You can then rest assured that the renovations done by the contractor meet engineering
standards. This, in turn, eliminates construction defects which might endanger you and your

Protection from Exploitation
It is difficult to determine the cost of carrying out repairs or the remodeling of your house.
Homeowners, who are not familiar with construction works, can easily be overcharged by
dishonest contractors for the services.

The Club exists to prevent exploitation. It has a clear understanding of construction works
and the market rates. It has also created a network that allows it to identify and work with
honest contractors who will charge you reasonably.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about been exploited during renovations. You will only
need to entrust the construction work to the Club which will then ensure that the amount you
pay reflects the nature of the job.

Protection from Contractors who fail to Honor an Agreement
Sometimes contractors may fail to finish the job and run away with your money. Though one
might choose to take legal action against the worker, the process might be long and costly.
The homeowner can then incur losses which might force them to abandon the project.

Homeservice Club provides homeowners with protection from unfaithful constructors. The
company requires contractors to pay a cash bond to guarantee their work. Thus, should they
fail to honor an agreement with the landlord; the Club intervenes and uses the money to hire
another person to complete the job.

Homeowners that seek the services of the club do not have to worry whether or not the
contractor will honor the agreement. They can rest assured that the renovation will be
completed within the agreed time.

In summary, repairs and remodeling of houses can be a problem for homeowners.
Homeservice Club home renovations take away the burden where it protects the proprietor
from poor workmanship, exploitation, and unfaithful contractors.