home staging, Home Staging: Updating The Bathroom to Sell A Property Faster

Selling a house sounds like a lot of work – the renovation, the upgrades, the cleaning, and all the other necessary things that have to be done in order for you to be able to charge more for it. What’s more, doing all of those things can cost you a lot, so you need to be creative and think of the ways you can do all that without spending much. What you want is to impress the clients. Therefore, you might want to consider introducing several luxurious-looking features in order to make your bathroom seem expensive and at the same time improve the overall impression of your home, thus making it as desirable as possible to the potential buyers. Here is a list of the things you can do:

Do a proper clear-out & fix what needs fixing

Start off by removing all the clutter – throw away everything that has been used. Towels, toiletries, cleaning products – get rid of them. The idea is to make your bathroom look brand new, like no one has used it before. After the proper clear-out, it is time for deep cleaning. Make sure all the surfaces are disinfected and meticulously cleaned. Also, fix everything that needs to be fixed. Leaking taps are a major no-no for potential buyers, so replacing the old faucets is a good idea. Opt for some of the more modern versions – they will make the bathroom look updated. Nowadays, you can get contemporary tapware with sleek design at a reasonable price, and it’s sure to make your bathroom look elegant and chic. You can’t go wrong with a copper, gold or bronze-hued tapware – other than being functional, it is a state-of-the-art addition to your bathroom.

Upgrade the existing bathroom features

If you are willing to invest some more money into upgrading your bathroom, consider introducing new flooring or tiles or simply repainting the whole bathroom to give it a fresh look. Paint the walls in colors such as black, white or gray or replace the old tiles with porcelain or ceramic ones – anyway you choose to go, your bathroom is sure to look luxurious and elegant while still being budget-friendly. It’s best to stick with neutral options as they serve as a base for everything else. Another thing you can do is try upgrading the existing features. A lot of homeowners from Australia look for an easy way to make their bathroom look modern and sleek. That is why many of them get their custom made vanity in Sydney to replace the old one and give their bathroom a fresh, new look. Other than that, you could also replace your old shower screens and towel bars to complete the makeover and wow the prospective buyers.

Make a statement with mirrors and artwork 

A good solution for smaller bathrooms would be to install big mirrors on the walls. Mirrors will trick our brains into thinking that the space is bigger than it really is, and it will also give the bathroom a glamorous vibe. Adding some subtle lighting fixtures above or around the mirror will make it very chic and modern. Another interesting component you can incorporate into your bathroom to make it look luxurious is some modern wall art. Popular picks for bathroom artwork are those depicting animals, oceans and nature. Try to match the colors used in the artwork with the colors in the bathroom to get a sense of cohesiveness. Not only will the art make the bathroom look unique, but it will also seem very tasteful and elegant.

As a cherry on top – accessorize! 

Upon entering the bathroom, you want it to emulate a serene spa experience. What better way to do it than by placing some scented candles on the countertops? It will give it a cozy, warm vibe while the fragrance lingering in the air is sure to relax and appeal to your senses. To make the room feel fresh and lively, consider introducing a plant or a nice bouquet to your vanity. Gardenias and orchids are popular picks when it comes to bathrooms since they give it an elegant and glamorous feel. However, they are a good option only if the area is well-lit. If it’s not, you can go with a peace lily or bamboo since they can survive in a low-lit area. Include some fluffy towels into your bathroom – stack three or four of them on top of the counters or shelves to make your guests feel as if they were staying in a five-star hotel. Match the color of the towels to the color of the tiles and flooring to make your bathroom look cohesive, or make a contrast by adding a complementary color using the color wheel. The towels can also serve as an accent to a monochromatic bathroom, so opt for pink or yellow towels to make the colors pop.

So many things can be done around the house to increase its selling price, but upgrading the bathroom seems to be the least expensive option. Using these budget-friendly tips and tricks will help your house gain in value and sell fast.